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Tante muda

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Tante muda
  • Ayumi Hamasaki Humming 7/4
    "Soko kara mieru keshiki wa donna ka tte na mo naki hito ga kyoumibukaku tazuneru kimi ga omou doori no mon' darou tte kotaeru Datte setsumei suru dake muda sa Everybody GO! everybody JUMP! boku wa hanauta"
  • Angelspit As It is In Heaven
    "The evil in these paws starts only when sung Innocent, lifeless, hides the black intent The panic of knowing you cannot run My children cannot sleep Through the constant alarms of industry and machines And"
  • Blood Red Throne Taste Of God
    "As i crawl through the mud I felt this aim of blood, the old taste of blood screaming inside me. Longing to awake me, telling me to take it, to make them bleed, to rape their souls I take your flesh, I"
  • David Gray Fugitive
    "Is the answer none of the above Crouched in a whole like a mud-streaked fugitive And everyday a different version of Pourin' it away like a water through a sieve Hey better realize my friend Love in the"
  • Nick Cave Deep in the Woods
    "Cave Nick Miscellaneous Deep in the Woods The woods eats the woman and dumps her honey-body in the mud Her dress floats down the well and it assumes the shape of the body of a little girl Yeah I recognize"
  • Christmas Carols 12 Days Of A Redneck's Christmas
    "Christmas Carols Miscellaneous 12 Days Of A Redneck's Christmas On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me... Some parts to a Mustang GT. On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to"
  • Cash Johnny A Boy Named Sue
    "Cash Johnny Miscellaneous A Boy Named Sue By: Shel Silverstein Recorded by J.R. Cash on 2/24/69 Number one - Country Charts Number two - Pop Charts My daddy left home when I was three And he didn't leave"
  • Babes In Toyland Boto (w) Rap
    "Babes In Toyland Spanking Machine Boto (w) Rap Shake this ground well of hate This is why i rot away This is why i rot away today Cause you wear this mistake that you make That mostly that you make I said"
  • Beautiful South, The Good As Gold
    "Beautiful South, The Best Of-carry On Up The Charts Good As Gold (heaton/rotheray) Don't know what i'm doing here I'll carry on regardless Got enough money for one more beer I'll carry on regardless Good"
  • B.G. F/ Juvenile, Lil' Wayne Ride Or Die
    "B.G. F/ Juvenile, Lil' Wayne Miscellaneous Ride Or Die Uptown is my home, thats where I do my dirt I either hurt or get hurt It's me or you on that shirt Cant let no nigga fix me Cant let no nigga get"

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