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Telephone elo

  • Telephone Line - Scabs
    "Once in a while I don't feel that fine I've got this feeling that they call the blues I know it's time to call the hot line I'm begging Candy, give me the news I said shake shake shake your hips You know"
  • The Telephone - Marilyn Manson
    "Another night of too much cough syrup I'm awakened by the incessant ringing of a telephone I still have dreams caked in the corners of my eyes and my mouth is dry and tastes shitty Again the ringing Slowly"
  • Telephone Book - Violent Femmes
    "I can't go out no more I just better stay at home I just better stay all alone 'cause what am I gonna do if I see someone I'd like to do something to what am I gonna say if I see someone I'd like"
  • Telephone Skit - Trick Daddy
    "phone ringing hello crying girl whats wrong calm down girl he he ... slow down slow down slow down calm down slow down slow down slow down he didn't call me who din't call you he wont call me who"
  • Telephone song - BB King
    "Woke up this morning i was all aloneSaw your picture by the telephoneI was missing you oh so badWish i had you here to holdAll i've got is this touch-tone phoneSo i guess i'll give you a callOperator help"
  • Telephone Bill - KT Tunstall
    "Well call this number now Even though Im feeling low myself Ill try and help Talk for as long as you can afford Pay me with your idle chatter Ill give you my usual patter You may be mad as a hatter Voices"
  • Tokyo Telephone - Merry
    "Dare ga shinjitsu na no? Kizuita toki wa ososugite Katate de bye bye to makka na Porshe ni norikomu kare Deatta toki kureta DoCoMo no F503i Denpa ga todokanai, itsudemo atashi dake kengai Shiawase ichiban,"
  • Telephone Relation (Piper) - Billy Squier
    "Telephone relation Can't make it this way Telephone relation day to day Something's wrong, oh I can't go on with Telephone relation Telephone relation I'm acting so bad Telephone relation it's driving"
  • The Telephone Call - Kraftwerk
    "I give you my affection and I give you my time Trying to get a connection on the telephone line You're so close but far away I call you up all night and day I give you my affection and I give you my time Trying"
  • Tulsa Telephone Book - Dave Dudley
    "Have you read any good telephone books lately If you ain't then let me recommend one I've already read that Tulsa telephone book through thirteen times If you don't know any last names it ain't much fun Well"

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