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Tine tempach girls like

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Tine tempach girls like
  • Gabriel Mann I like girls
    "I Bought a Porsche And I'm Leavin' Grand Rapids Quit My Job, Quit My School,Quit This Place My Mother Cried My Father Was Fried Hey, I've Got no Time, ManI Wanna Say Goodbye to My Babes I Like GirlsI Dumped"
  • PINS Girls Like Us
    "Do you see me like I see you? You could if you want it to You lost lust because you must It’s all good for girls like us Now all my friends are enemies And this place means nothing to me I don’t know"
  • The Cribs Girls Like Mystery
    "There's not much to say for me That's okay you know that girls like mystery They'll know all the things I've read That's ok don't necessarily make it bad Leave me alone I'm just your enemy I've seen it"
  • Thunder Boys Like Girls
    "oday is a winding road that's taking me to places that I didn't want to go Whoa (whoa, whoa, whoa) Today in the blink of an eye I'm holding on to something and I do not know why I tried I tried to read"
  • Girls Aloud Girls Allowed
    "Oh, oh, ooh I don't need a man doing everything he can And giving up his life and everything he has to please me (Oh, oh, oh) I don't like the kinda guy who does the can and Loves you for the sake in"
  • Nuno Bettencourt The Temp
    "She's my baby. she is a raygun Kissing my spaceship. kill me for fun fun She is my sunshine. my only sunshine Painting my bluesky. yellow with jaundice. She's temp, she's temp She got a special place"
  • Extreme The temp
    "She's my baby. She is a Raygun Kissing my spaceship. Kill me for fun fun She is my sunshine. My only sunshine Painting my bluesky. Yellow with jaundice. She's temp, she's temp She got a special place for"
  • Changing Faces Same Tempo
    "(feat. Edmund Clement) Gotta take our time, take our time Gotta take our time, take our time Can't comprehend it baby Why I feel this way I think about you boy Till the point it's buggin' me"
  • Bulimia Tempo Livre
    "Tanta teoria perdida em suas aes tudo muito bonito mas no pra aplicar na sua vida Respeito e apoio mtuo tem que entrar na prtica assim como tantas outras coisas que voc diz acreditar Parece que todo"
  • Beck Terremoto Tempo
    "Space ships can't tame the jungle And I feel like I'm giving in We've been drivin thru a desert Looking for a life to call our own I push I pull the days go slow Into a void we filled with death"

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