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Toto Cutugno Tol'ko my

  • Mama - Toto
    "Mama, I don't love you anymore Money's got me crawlin' on the floor Lover, I'm so ashamed that I must go Funny somehow I thought by now you'd know Girl you'd better take my hand And say what you mean"
  • Swear Your Love - Toto
    "I'm holding on It's all that I can do I can't imagine Me without you All alone I close my eyes And wake up screaming in the middle of the night This heart Don't need it anymore Swear your love Say that"
  • These Chains - Toto
    "Everybody keeps talkin' about you I can't lie anymore Been too long What went wrong? It's a mystery Why you ever walked out that door What direction should I go? Girl what's next for me I don't know Is"
  • If You Belong To Me - Toto
    "I left you crying on that angry morning You know I lied I'll always run from anything that loves me To my safe side My world circles 'round a different sun That's all burned away I know that you're the"
  • Born Yesterday - Toto
    "The first quiet breath of the day Recalls the night And as I reflect on the pain Through tears gone dry Am I as blind as I remind myself Or did I depend on a dried up wishing well Only till the end of"
  • Rockmaker - Toto
    "Don't know quite what to say Haven't seen you in seven ages Can you tell that it's me Or is my picture on torn out pages? And you think it's real But it's just another future deal And you know you're"
  • Darkest Night Of The Year - Toto
    "I feel a change coming over me It seems I felt this way before I sense the sound your eyes won't let you see I can't take it anymore Crashing windows, crash Laughing voices, keep on laughing, Oh, oh,"
  • I Will Remember - Toto
    "I was born in the land of the sun And the tall green grass And I don't understand How all this has come to pass How we've come to surround ourselves In a sea of thieves In a land without learning Only"
  • The Other End Of Time - Toto
    "Sometimes it hurts clear to the core When we lose all we've cared for The hunger and thirst For love that endures Is never ending What will I do with my life? Try to share it with somebody new? And"
  • Mrs. Johnson - Toto
    "Know these words are wrong to say Need you more and more each day (Chorus:) Hey Mrs. Johnson Give me your answer as fast as you can Hey Mrs. Johnson Don't you know I really love you Here's my life, it's"

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