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Vogue bedies

  • Hooked On Your Love - En Vogue
    "Your tender smile gives me happy thoughts of you Got me so close to my dreams now they have to come true Ooo baby, nothing to be shy about Nothing we have to lie about Hope lovin' you don't confuse you Ooo"
  • I Love You More - En Vogue
    "i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you more than there are ocean grains of sand i love you more"
  • Latin Soul - En Vogue
    "Me and my friends, we went out last night To a small simple club on the nights It didn't have much room, but hell they never do Just chairs, a few tables, and some food A small cramped band started playing,"
  • This Is Your Life - En Vogue
    "This is your life Live it your own way (Repeat) I lived part of my life Being scared of my dreams Everytime someone asks What I'm shooting for in life I would hide my true feelings And when I spoke up"
  • Yesterday - En Vogue
    "Ooh yesterday (BG)Ooh...aw..e..aw..e..aw all my trobles seem so far away (BG)Hey..ey..ey.. now it looks as though thier here to stay (BG)Here to stay Ooh,oh... (BG)I believe in yesterday (BG)I"
  • Strange - En Vogue
    "rap: It really isn't clear What the story is my dear So I'll have to analyze All those lies and alibis One look was all it took Cause I know you like a book You think you're cleaver Those endeavors, that"
  • Time Goes On - En Vogue
    "Intro: Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick repeat x14 chorus On and on, time goes on, never stops, Just goes on repeat I'm seem forever, since time began So full of mysteries we don't understand Searching"
  • Love Won't Take Me Out - En Vogue
    "i had a love and i had pain best believe they come hand in hand cause i'm a soldier for the love brigade i'm prepared to do battle with anything i have control of my life you see let's keep it"
  • No, No, No, (can't Come Back) - En Vogue
    "last night woke in bed in a cold cold sweat so sweaty so funky dreamin' of bad things to be or not to be haunting things like homelessness all the lonely people without a job car or food to eat leaves"
  • Number One Man - En Vogue
    "Number One Man Well, five long years and then there it go He met his friends, and took that bonding road Never knew where the road would end up, no, no Sometimes it feels like hell to me, yea I gotta keep"

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