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Wild throughst

  • Restless & Wild - Accept
    "Okay Okay, it's restless Restless, restless Restless and wild They're running wild They're on a down hill ride Like a rebel they look for more Too young to die, oh, yeah Now you know your dreams are useless And"
  • Running Wild - Tindersticks
    "Running wild through my mind that I can't sleep tonight Running wild through my mind that I can't sleep tonight Like a child, like a child I have no place to hide Running wild, is there no ending for"
  • Wild Life - Captain Beefheart
    "Wild life along with my wife I'm goin' up on the mountain fo' the rest uh m' life 'fore they take m' life 'fore they take m' wild life 'fore they take m' wife They got m' mother's father 'n run down all"
  • Wild One - Wakefield
    "(I'm a real Wild one) Well im just out of school I'm really really cool gotta dance like a fool i got the message gonna be a wild one oh yeah I'm a wild one gonna break it loose gonna keep it moving wild gonna"
  • Runnin' wild - Angel City
    "When she needs somebody, she's an only child Look into her bedroom, she's a lonely child She's highly rated, sophisticated, she looks so at ease But she's an actress, she's had practice She's not what"
  • Wild Thing - Jimi Hendrix
    "At the Monterey Pop Festival Come on man sing it with me Wild thing, you make my heart sing Oh You make a everything, groovy Wild thing Wild thing I think you move me But I want a know for sure Come"
  • Wild Horses - The Sundays
    "Childhood living is easy to do The things that you wanted, I bought them for you Graceless lady, you know who I am You know I can't let you slide through my hands Wild horses couldn't drag me away Wild"
  • Wild One - Johnny O'Keefe
    "Well I'm-a just outa school, like I'm real real cool Gotta shake, gotta jive Got the message that I gotta be alive, I'm a wild one Ooh yay I'm a wild one Oo-oo-ooh baby, gonna break loose, I'm gonna keep"
  • Wild Party - Gus And Frank
    "Lets party Lets party Lets party Wild Wild Party (party) Lets party (party) Lets party (party) Lets party Wild Wild Party Hey good looking what ya doin' tonight would you like to have a good time? You"
  • Wild Strawberries - Pnau
    "I'd rather go and pick some of those Wild Strawberries! Wild Strawberries! Pick em up Go on pick em up! (yeah) x5 I'd rather go and pick some of those Wild Strawberries! I'd rather go and pick some of"

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