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    "AC-DC Miscellaneous CARRY ME HOME SINGLE: Dog Eat Dog/Carry Me Home (March 21, 1977) (Young, Young, Scott) The bartender's working on a late night shift She's bonka blonds and Bon aims on a midnight drift And"
    "AC-DC Stiff Upper Lip HOLD ME BACK Stiff Upper Lip (2000) (Young, Young) I got a big fat Cadillac built for you I got a honk that'll blow the avenue Got a hot dog kickin' all bend my thing Got a a sugar"
    "AC-DC Stiff Upper Lip STIFF UPPER LIP Stiff Upper Lip (2000) (Young, Young) Well I was out on the drive on a bit of a trip Looking for thrills to get me some kicks Now I warn you ladies - I shoot from"
    "AC-DC The Razor's Edge GOT YOU BY THE BALLS The Razors Edge (1990) LIVE (1992) SINGLE: Are You Ready/Got You By The Balls-The Razors Edge (Young, Young) Hey mister businessman Head of the company Are"
  • Beating Around The Bush - AC/DC
    "Smilin' face and laughin' eyes But ya can't keep on tellin' me all those lies How'd you expect me to believe Honey I ain't that naive Baby I got my eye on you Cause you do all the things I want you to Stop"
  • Love Song - AC/DC
    "(Young, Young, Scott) I can tell by the look in your eye I can tell by the way you sigh That you know I've been thinking of you And you know what I want to do Oh Jean When you smile I see stars in the"
  • Overdose - AC/DC
    "I never smoked with no cigarettes I never drank much booze But I'm only a man, don't you understand And a man can sometimes lose You gave me something I never had Pulled me down with you Pulled me up,"
  • You Ain't Got A Hold On Me - AC/DC
    "You can roll me round your finger You can roll me if I'm blind You can roll me tally ho ho I'm the easy rollin' kind But don't think I'm facin' down hill 'Cause soon you'll see You'll lose your grip and"
  • Rock n roll singers - AC/DC
    "My Daddy was workin' nine to five When my Momma was havin' me By the time I was half alive They knew what I was gonna be I left school and grew my hair They didn't understand They wanted me to be respected"
  • I love rock & roll - AC/DC
    "I saw him dancing there by the record machineI knew he must have been about 17The beat was going strong, playin my favorite songI could tell it wouldn't be long 'till he was with meYeah meI could tell"

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