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alan walker ft. gavin james-tired

  • Tightrope walker - Therapy
    "I'm trying to walk up the stairs My hands are snatching at the slivers of light I'm sticking to the steps Each one a release from the place below I'm on a mission On the hunt for clean, clear vapour skies"
  • The Walker - Fitz And The Tantrums
    "Ooh, crazy's what they think about me Ain't gonna stop cause they tell me so Cause 99 miles per hour baby, Is how fast that I like to go. Can't keep up with my rhythm Though they keep trying. Too quick"
  • White Walker - Mastodon
    "Will them White Walkers? Will them all dead? Linker … winter He's rebels … Hide away your children Then hide away yourself Dig deep into mountain Dig far beyond the sky They come down They come down"
  • Said Sadly (Ft. James Iha) - Nina Gordon
    "(james) You should know that I love you We should love like lovers do And I can't help but fall for you Oh honey I'm just a fool Now you know (nina) Darling, I'll never be true You see, for so long I"
  • Get up (ft. Ed Sheeran) - Alan Walker & Calvin Harris
    "you and i we’re start tonight you and i gets me through the night we fly and we saw the high the sky will be ours tonight when we collide I believe in /3x you and i I believe in /3x you and i"
  • We Disappear (ft. Lulu James) - Jon Hopkins
    "We both know this We both know this Can we make it last Leave and knew again Disappear Disappear Disappear Disappear We won’t go there We won’t go there We don’t know where Wishing you were there Disappear Disappear"
  • Feel Fine (ft. Cash James) - Doom Man
    "I told you’re not my type My pitch right I feel fine I don’t give a… about you I don’t give a… about you /2x Let’s go! First time I saw this chick Wanna to ignore this chick But she was so gorgeous Her"
  • Coming Over (ft. James Hersey) - Dillon Francis & Kygo
    "Is it alright if I come round Is it too late if I come now Would you stay up to figure this out Some way If I stay here would you come back If I stay cool would you be mine Would you want me if I want"
  • Chasing Stars (ft. James Bay) - Alesso & Marshmello
    "It was just like magic When your hips came crashing There were fires burning and my hands learning To paint with passion It was planets meeting It was synced up breathing There were angels calling and"
  • Inny Świat (feat. Sofia Carson, K-391 i CORSAK) - Alan Walker
    "all we know left untold beaten by a broken dream nothing like what it used to be we've been chasing our demons down an empty road been watching our castle turning into dust escaping our shadows just to"

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