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  • Trouble An - Neneh Cherry
    "I've come up hard baby And now I'm cool Didn't make it sugar Playing by the rules I've come up hard baby But now I'm fine. In checking trouble sugar Moving down the line I've come up hard baby But that's"
  • An Extra - Vidoll
    "Saa kono inochi wo ubae wa mada na no ka ressei yueni iki isogu koukai shokei wa mou sugu? Nigarerarenai shuyaku ni narenai no maku wa furi "shuyaku" towa shosen kamen wo kabutte kyakkou wo atsumeru"
  • An illusion - Lynch
    "akuma no hana yasashiku tsutsumikomu you ni kusuri wa boku ni tokete mangekyou no naka furetai... furete mo ii? kimi wa ureta BERII ima demo sono shitasaki de kono mune tsukisashiteiru Night and day illusion"
  • An Autobiography - Of Machines
    "Living in recession. It isolates the time that's past by. And it feels so long. I reach for that line I can't hold on, I can't hold on... I can't see what lies beneath the words. Where have I been? Where"
  • An Offering… - My Chemical Romance
    "I say, I say, I get yeah! Data premiery nie jest znana."
  • An I for An I - IAMX
    "You owe it to the willing souls, To the white light. Double bluff and figure: An Eye for an Eye. We go into the TV, To the motherland smile, Apocalypse and rapture psyche in: An Eye For An Eye. If you're"
  • An Eye For An Eye - Made Of Hate
    "A scar for a scar, Your nails wound your enemy to bleed Like biting beast, His reaction is the same: attack! An eye for an eye makes that world blind! An eye for an eye! Oh Can't you see Desire for"
  • An Eye For An Eye - Ahead To The Sea
    "Could violence be an answer on activities Who are a threat against human rights and dignity Who boot down our laws with a steel cap boot I've got an answer straight and crude ''Refrain:'' A tooth for"
  • An Eye For An Eye - Sodom
    "Listen up god, if you really exist For many years I've been asking you why Why are the innocent dead and the guilty alive? Where is justice? Where is punishment Something big is brewing You can see"
  • An Eye For An Eye - Gods Tower
    "I pray my lord To keep my reasons clean To keep my old sword keen My prayers is my wing I have to die or win Let there be war for justice Let there be war for honor Let there be war for veangeance Let"

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