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banshee kendra

  • Tea and thorazine - Andrew Bird
    "I can tell by the way you take your infusionYou've spent some time in a mental institutionOh what a dream life would be if only...They let you keep your etchasketchYou laugh like a banshee gesticulate"
  • Serpent Of Dreams - Tuna Hot
    "Flowers today bloomin' by the pathway; Linin' the edge of tomorrows grave. Bright shinin' way, Livin' in the shadows, Tryin' to be the master of tomorrow's slave. Down in the mine, circled 'round a diamond; Serpent"
  • Want - Disturbed
    "Your mind wont let you say that you want me Your mind wont ever, never let you say what you want You howl and wail like a banshee Still your mind wont ever let you say My little tired devotee Your mind"
  • The Goatriders Horde - 3 Inches Of Blood
    "Feeling the march of the fury unleashed Impaling the soldiers of God Smell of sulphur hot on the wind Left by the Goatrider's Horde The thundering roar Of the cloven hoof The Goatrider's Horde Descends"
  • Dixieland - Steve Earle
    "I am Kilrain and I'm a fightin' man and I come from County Clare And the Brits would hang me for a Fenian so I took me leave of there And I crossed the ocean in the "Arrianne" the vilest tub afloat And"
  • Winter Song - Bruce Springsteen
    "From their northeast source the sour wind roars Bear gifts fresh from the valley waters. Hallow echoes strip Pennsylvania mountain walls With their corsets and their old Betsy ruffle And their slips with"
  • My Girl - Nekromantix
    "High heeled sexy demonette wild and crazy hair long red nails, a black corset I love it when you swear I give you Dead black roses, when you're down or sad you make life perfect & worthwhile you make me"
  • It Could Be Anyone - The Church
    "(This could be WAY off !) Within this city will come to your children identical sisters in mirrors of haze Magnetic disturbance distorting the meters, unendurable silence sucked into the phase The first"
  • No mans land - Destruction
    "Diabolical - dominating the gentle sex Systematically - destroying to forget Twisted evil - nasty and rotten to the core Avenger of those who are unable to adore Dissabillity - to share love and forgive"
  • Lady Deathwish - 3 Inches Of Blood
    "You need to die for She cries her evil moan Woman like a banshee She takes them to their tomb Some say she's evil Blood is sent to gush Casting a spell She'll kill you with her lust With poison"

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