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barman i amfa

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barman i amfa
  • Dada I
    "That day I said I was going fishing well I lied But I did manage to pull my head from The water And watched as all my stupid ideas poured From my eyes and my-y ears (uh-huh-huh-huh-hoo, hoo) And all I"
  • Katerine I
    "Ain't got no trouble in my life No foolish dream to make me cry I'm never frightened or worried I know I'll always get by I heat up, I cool down When something gets in my way I go around it Don't let life"
  • Preshrunk I
    "I live my life Square with my conscience Im not blind I see the world around Im not faultless Yes, Ive made mistakes All I want is to better myself Im not like you I respect the right of choice Im not"
  • Alison Krauss I
    "What a gray, cloudy mornin' I rise from my bed And I wonder if he meant all the things that he said Well, I think of all the good times, but the bad times came along Now it doesn't matter 'cause he's gone. Now"
  • Sophie Zelmani I
    "Sometimes I suspect Theyve got commission Ive got a suspicion Of what theyre trying to do Sometimes I believe Theyre trying to fool me To get something slip through me Like I had a way to go Sometimes"
  • Eurythmics I
    "The truth of life is the greatest gift But I don't think I can make it fit And who would guess it would come to this When I've tried everything And I should know but I can't explain The endless noise"
  • Bad Boys Blue I
    "When youre next to me. It feels so heavenly. Oh ask me anything. And baby I get chills, yes I will. You came. And turned me upside down. Oh baby you turned my life around. Around in just one night. And"
  • Martyna Jakubowicz I
    "Nieważne, jak długo zostaniesznic nigdy nie jest na zawszemoże chociaż śniadanienim się wspomnienie zatrzeLudzie przychodzą, odchodzą, przychodzą i siedzą jak kura na grzędziebez planów i bez oczekiwańniech"
  • Akon I
    "Ohhhh, dont even look at me wrong when I come through the hood Aint nuttin change still holla at my homies Ohh and when I hit the block I still will kill And I dont want to, nigga but I will if I got to Kill,"
  • The Jayhawks I
    "I could take a hint from you I could take a little hint from you And I'd run away I'd run away with you baby You said a couple things to me You said a couple things that showed your place But how many"

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