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  • Bed Of Roses - Bette Midler
    "Long, long ago, where the tall grass grows and the still air is sweet with summer flowers; in the shade by the stream I would lie awake and dream, and in dreaming I would while away the hours. Long, long"
  • Breakfast In Bed - Brainpool
    "We're gonna get up early today Run to the kitchen, open the fridge We're gonna start the day OK Very nutricious, I'll do the dishes Please baby don't rush off to work yet 'Cause I wanna get a taste We're"
  • Coffee In Bed - Pentatonix
    "You’re in a mood You’re a little anxious but with gratitude Inderneath the blankets in a spinning room Starting into blakness While you’re dreaming of a better view You spend every Saturday morning Stuck"
  • In Your Bed - Bat For Lashes
    "I don't want to party no more Somehow that scene can be such a bore I don't even want to paint the town red I don't want to waste my time Putting on dresses and drinking wine I just wanna be in your arms"
  • Bed of nails - Gabriel Mann
    "I Love the Way You Hurt Me. My Tears Your Wine.Your Thoughts Would Draw My Plan For a Cruise in Vain.Like Talons in the Pale Moon Shine Above Us.My Gained Pleasure in Pain Is Slowly Vanished WhenYou Sink"
  • To My Bed - Chris Brown
    "close the door and take your cloths off where you are I turn you on cause I love to see you glowing I know it’s good I can tell by the way you walk I pull your cloths cause I love to feel you coming down cause"
  • Bed Of Dolls - Sugarcoma
    "You really hit the sky, stars get into your eyes starve and burn away the pain, age will make him go away I drank your blood, it looked like wine I drank your blood, it looked like mine I'll kill myself"
  • Bed of roses - Warrant
    "On a dead-end street In a dead-end town There's a motel that I call home Just a few small hopes And a few small dreams Are all that place is resting on Desiree loves two doors down She's been there for"
  • Bed Of Roses - Mindless Self Indulgence
    "Hey its alright my life has never been a bed of roses This way's better for me Hey its alright my life has never been a bed of roses This way's better for me i dont' care to live the life i've chosen Anyway Anyway Hey"
  • Whispers In Bed - New Edition
    "I've been livin' on the whispers in bed And if you had a picture Of what I've got in my head Whispers in bed Your voice is like an angel And this boy wants to be left Just an ordinary guy, uh-huh And"

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