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cheap trease

  • The Cheap Seats - Alabama
    "This town ain't big, this town ain't small. It's a little of both they say. Our ball club may be minor league but at least it's triple A. We sit below the Marlboro man, above the right field wall. We do"
  • Dirty And Cheap - Randy
    "i'm fucking pissed man i can't take it they built a safetynet and now you want to break it you always been so scared but now you're weak too so fuck you fuck you you claim you are one in a million but"
  • Talk Is Cheap - Authority Zero
    "You talk and talk's so cheap You're finally cashing in With your words so sleek The truth is wearing thin You're coming to me Please tell me this is a joke I've heard you spitting lies Since the first"
  • Cheap And Cheerful - The Kills
    "I'm bored of cheap and cheerful I want expensive sadness Hospital bills, parole Open doors to madness I want you to be crazy 'Cause you're boring baby when you're straight I want you to be crazy 'Cause"
  • The cheap bouquet - Pierce The Veil
    "Stay young and at the top of our lungs Our hands are free Our lives have just begun It's getting dark, we should go back But what's the use if what you love is what you have? And I could die right now For"
  • Born To Be Cheap - Divine
    "Cheap, cheap I was born to be cheap, cheap A child no mother could keep, cheap As sure as there's trash I was born to be cheap. I was born to be helpless, I was born to be cold I was born to never do"
  • Cheap And Evil Girl - Bree Sharp
    "The cheap and evil girl sets out on the city she's moistened every curl she's poisonously pretty And the unsuspecting fool falls pray as the dim detective's lead astray genuflecting boys all say the"
  • Cheap Wine & Cheaper Women - Airbourne
    "Walking through the city It's lonely heartbreak streets The wind gives a chill as the sun begins to weep Don't know where I'm goin' And I don't know where I've been But the nights coming down and I'm feeling"
  • Cheap Chipped Black Nails - Graham Parker
    "Now that you're back in town You look around at everything Well, it could be anywhere on earth Tryin' to count your change Inside the Asian store But you can't figure what it's worth And she stands there"
  • Just A Cheap Affair - Kitty Wells
    "Night life and honky tonks that's your kind of fun I don't go that round so I better run At church on Sunday I never see you there You're not looking for true love just a cheap affair Just a cheap"

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