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cheryl lynn
  • Loretta Lynn Wings Upon Your Horns
    "(Loretta Lynn) Before you first made love to me you called me your wife to be And after that I saw the devil in your eyes With your sweet smooth talkin' ways you turned a flame into a blaze Then I'd've"
  • Loretta Lynn You Wouldn't Know An Angel (If You Saw One)
    "(Loretta Lynn - Frances Rhodes) Because I won't give in to you you don't treat me like you should You said that I'm too perfect then you tell me I'm no good But everyone is guilty of sometimes doin' wrong But"
  • Loretta Lynn One Little Reason
    "(Loretta Lynn) There's a reason I keep living while I'm dyin' slow Everybody thinks we're happy but we're not I don't know why but I let him keep me cryin' So I guess one little reason's all I've got. When"
  • Loretta Lynn I'm A Getting Ready To Go
    "(Loretta Lynn) I get down on my knees everyday and I pray These tears I'm a cryin' are tears of joy cause it wash my sins away I'm a livin' for the Lord and I want everybody to know This old world's just"
  • Loretta Lynn Don't Come Home A Drinkin' (With Lovin' On Your Mind)
    "(Loretta Lynn - Peggy Sue Wells) Well you thought I'd be waitin' up when you came home last night You'd been out with all the boys and you ended up half tight But liquor and love that just don't mix leave"
  • Loretta Lynn Get What'cha Got And Go
    "(Loretta Lynn - Ron Williams - Leona Williams) A pretty boy Charlie's the name that you've been a given And you act like the whole wide world all you were livin' You tell me you can get any girl you know You"
  • Loretta Lynn I Won't Decorate Your Christmas Tree
    "(Loretta Lynn - Barbara Cummings) Well I wrote to Santa just today I told him I don't plan to stay Cause you've been bad yes you've been treatin' me wrong So listen to me here's Christmas cheers because"
  • Loretta Lynn Love Whatcha Got At Home
    "(Loretta Lynn - Peggy Sue Wells) Well you say you're a red hot papa and the lover over town Don't you think it's just about time oh mama cooled you down Get them courtin' clothes back off don't let it"
  • Loretta Lynn Two Steps Forward
    "(Loretta Lynn) Well here you come and I know what I'm gonna say My mind's made up and I'm a leavin' you today Well I'm tired of askin' you where you've been I'm tired of all this mis'ry I'm in Two steps"
  • Loretta Lynn I Wanna Be Free
    "(Loretta Lynn) Well I look out the window and what do I see The breeze is a blowin' the leaves from the trees everything is free everything but me I'm gonna take this chain from around my finger And throw"

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