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  • Spirals Meet The Sea - Flowing Tears
    "spiral chains in neon light crawling trains of fragile tribe cry in me ironic fool die in me for all the suns you have inside tidal hate to childish love swallow the serpent on your tongue spit me out,"
  • Who Can Make It To The Top Of The Aggrocrag - Away From It All
    "so your ship cast off without you dry those eyes darling tomorrow's another day you can't hide behind even makeup that much makeup you always were sort of childish make next time you won't miss it but"
  • Someday the waves - Iron & Wine
    "Waking before you I've got a fever and a childish wish for snowSeems like a long, long time Since I spun you to this borrowed radioYou pick a place that's where I'll be Time like your cheek has turned"
  • Whispers (I Hear You) - All That Remains
    "It may seem at last days passing mean nothing But the suns that set cause only pain Violence in words like slashes wound deeply Love is not when you feel only pain Her touch poison flows through my"
  • Dance Sequence - Acres Of Lions
    "And I hope we clash. I hope we are opposing sides and this is all some childish game we play in our minds. And I hope we hurt. I hope this is war and we are relentless. And we feel displaced. We feel"
  • Yellow Moon - Chris Flew
    "I'm sitting on a corner fence Staring at a yellow moon And all I see is emptiness So many miles away from you A childish look of innocence Can't be bought for anything I'd give a thousand stars To buy"
  • Lira no machi kara From the City of Lira - Origa
    "Lira no machi kara - From the City of Lira Utrennij Sneg Na Grudi junnoi sereni usnul Budto wo sne Widela ja neobitschnuju stranu Eto bil gorod lir Tschernije noti na bumaschnii stroki is goroda lir Swesdnii"
  • Curtains - Elton John
    "I used to know this old scarecrow He was my song, my joy and sorrow Cast alone between the furrows Of a field no longer sown by anyone I held a dandelion That said the time had come To leave upon the"
  • Total Eclipse Of The Moon - Enigma
    "Miles away from light at noon Total eclipse of the moon Many reasons to believe in life Just listen what it's telling you Come and have a look inside Total eclipse of the moon Don't be childish, don't"
  • John - Zagi
    "Why do we say goodbyes? if our hearts are ten steps behind us? Why do we feel so empty? 'cause we're finally free, but sadly so lonely I am not gonna be something you'd like to see things that scare"

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