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  • Krak Down - GWAR
    "Krak down! And I appropriate your nugget jewel Your melted essence is my tool Chemically wrap around aroma In the bathtub in a coma Getting drunk with Earth's elite They wanna peel the skin off"
  • The New Plague - GWAR
    "I'm just a person, and I've got the new plague I'm wondering how I got this way I drank some whiskey, I went and got laid Now I'm a person, just a person with aids He's just a person with aids - I got"
  • Whargoul - GWAR
    "I'm the fucking Whargoul, I'm the ghost of Minas Morgul I destroyed your life, I raped your wife I am Whargoul, I am uncool, I am Whargoul I've been many faces, been many names Known love and hate until"
  • Stalin's Organ - GWAR
    "They were called Katusyhas, but we called them Stalin's Organs 200 MM devastating fire When streets hiss, and falling block, kisses desperate flesh Stukas plunging, as skylines reform Spreading madness,"
  • Krosstika - GWAR
    "What's that symbol above the oven Beaming it's malice to all that we shove in In the War Party we ake every side United as one until everyone dies Symbol of hatred, symbol of fear The Krosstika proclaims"
  • Lets Blame The Lightman - GWAR
    "It's falling, It's falling, It's falling on the ground, yeah It's falling on the ground, yeah Let's blame the lightman for our own mistakes We'll blame the whole damn crew if that's what it takes Cause"
  • Licksore - GWAR
    "Lonely and crippled she lives all alone Stares out the window, no one on the telephone Her only friend ' a little Kitty Kat She feeds it a lot Kitty pretty fat LICKSORE, SOMETHING TO ABHOR KITTY KAT DON'T"
  • Knife In Yer Guts - GWAR
    "My knife in your guts, it's all come to this My knife in your, you crumple and twist You're grabbing my arm, you try to resist I do it again, it's all come to this I hate you, I hate your face, it's coming"
  • Nudged - GWAR
    "Did you ever stay up late wondering if you'd been screwed? Or ever really know how much money they're making off of you? Welcome to the club, aye, that's the rub Your nudged, fudged, nudged, screwed Did"
  • Surf Of Syn - GWAR
    "(Vocals by Cardinal Syn) Unsheathe the sword, call the death squad Let loose the dogs, make me your God Blaspheme the name, stretch forth thy rod Get on your knees, make me your God Unleash the nuns,"

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