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color gitar kendji girac

  • The Color Hate - Souljahz
    "CHORUS: We all talk, we all walk, we all do the things we want We're so powerful we say, so why can't we stop the hate So come on, tell me how to get to the place where all the color lines fade away"
  • The Color Green - Rich Mullins
    ""And the moon is a sliver of silver Like a shaving that fell on the floor of a Carpenter's shop And every house must have it's builder And I awoke in the house of God Where the windows are mornings"
  • Color By Number - Keepsake
    "And I remember when this used to be fun. Now it holds such a dark place all the friends I've lost. Is it because of me? They said I couldn't do it but I still swear I will. Songs of woo, so dad to see"
  • Color Of Hate - Radical Noise
    "Once they've fought against it, now they serve it hot for you THe game; divide and conquer, that's the fuckin' rule and the order of the landlords is proudly approved. Today the age of civilisation; "keep"
  • Dream In Color - Grant Lee Phillips
    "Oh boy Makin noise For the love a Buddy Holly My six string Way gone Real low Let it roll Like a motor ever purrin My machine Rave on Sentimental blood You spill Ill reach out to catch it Oh boy Makin"
  • The color green - Black Label Society
    "I recall when you once said ?? And all that lies ahead. I take it your tongue, It just got twisted, Or maybe it got tired, Or maybe your memory waved goodbye. When your so-called friends forget your name"
  • The Color Green - Zakk Wylde
    "I recall when you once said "There's truth in both of us And all that lies ahead." I take it your tongue, It just got twisted, Or maybe it got tired, Or maybe your memory waved goodbye. When your so-called"
  • Vestir un color - Malu
    "Hoy no quiero que llueva fuera Ni acoger melancolas Una noche sin sueos Hoy sobran los arco iris Aunque hablemos del cielo Todo sabe a irona Porque la gente sólo tiene en mente Gigantes y molinos blancos"
  • Full Color Guilt - Boysetsfire
    "Ideals of beauty set to color In savvy death camp chic The runways turn to gauntlets of disgrace and sickness For your spectacle your piece Freeze - her hollow eyes now give you anything Dead - she never"
  • Furia De Color - Rosana
    "Siempre estas al final de mis pasos al llegar eres de la forma que te quiera dar si te pinto el hacer estrategias de pincel eres para el viento rumbas de corcel tu, furia de color te cuelas en mi voz tu,"

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