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damion davis

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damion davis
  • The Spencer Davis Group This Hammer
    "S davis, m winwood, s winwood, p york Workin' on the railroad for a dollar a day Workin' on the railroad for a dollar a day Workin' on the railroad for a dollar a day Gotta earn my money, boys, gotta earn"
  • Chaka Khan F/ Miles Davis I'll Be Around
    "Chaka Khan F/ Miles Davis Miscellaneous I'll Be Around I'll be around no matter how you treat me now I'll be around from now on Your latest love can never last, and when it's past I'll be around when she's"
  • Chaka Khan F/ Miles Davis Sticky Wicked
    "Chaka Khan F/ Miles Davis Miscellaneous Sticky Wicked Carmel-coated pseudo happy Call her sticky wicked Will she answer agin today or pray that love'll kick it? Kick it love, see her little baby Hey girl,"
  • Cassie Davis feat Travis McCoy Differently
    "Cassie Davis They look at me laugh cause im different I laugh cause there all the same Stuck inside the box While im running circles round the game They cold, I'm hot And I know who I am Everyone sits"
  • Linda Davis Love Didn't Do It
    "(Steven Dale Jones/Bobby Tumberlin) You say love's left you high and dry Except for those tear drops in your eyes You say love's really done you in Oh, but love didn't do it - she did You say love's always"
  • Linda Davis Some Things Are Meant To Be
    "(Michael Garvin/Gordon Payne) I know that you've got feelings For me like I got feelings for you So shouldn't you be reaching For me like I keep reaching for you Save yourself a lot of trouble Trying to"
  • Linda Davis A Family Tie
    "(Hugh Prestwood) Her husband is a decent man Kind as anyone you know But whiskey got a hold of him And won't let go, and even though She hates him when she's stumbling Her heart still breaks his fall It"
  • Linda Davis Don't You Want My Love
    "(Skip Ewing/Don Sampson) I told you that my love was true All along thought yours was too Now it just don't feel the same tell me honey what's your game I can't take another lonely nightWondering if we're"
  • Linda Davis If Promises Were Gold
    "(Shawna Harrington-Burkhart/Karl Hasten) She knows three years was too long to keep waitin But somehow she was hopin she would change him Still all his words turned to dust And who can survive in a love"
  • Linda Davis When You Took Your Love Away
    "(Skip Ewing/Liz Hengher) The moment that I looked at you A voice inside of me Said you'd better guard your heart And love him cautiously If I'd only listened To the things I heard me say I'd have still"

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