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dynamite nuty

  • Black Queen Is Dynamite - Celestial Season
    "Common baby touch the screen come through the screen of my old black and white TV I can't taste this I can't let you are you walking alone? is it all in your rigid head? all this madness you drag now"
  • Sleep (feat. Ms. Dynamite) - Nneka
    "I must sleep, bring me down to sleep I must sleep (oh), bring me down to sleep I must sleep, bring me down to sleep I must sleep, bring me down to sleep I must sleep, bring me down to sleep When my strength"
  • Sweet Dreams And Dynamite - Seeb & Nina Nesbitt
    "Nobody tells you that it Hurts like weapon When you know That it’s ending It’s so god damn depressing And if feels liek a car crash Sudden break Feel the glass smash Slow pain Like an math class You"
  • Dynamite/I Am Your Animal - Gong
    "Dynamite Dynamite Dynamite Dynamite Dynamite Dynamite Dynamite Baby I am your animal watching your head I have been following you Walking behind you Sleeping with you Getting into your bed And I watch"
  • Dibby Dibby Sound (feat. Ms Dynamite) - DJ Fresh vs Jay Fay
    "Dibby Dibby Sound Give me Sound"
  • Medley: Hold Me Tight/Lazy Dynamite/Hands Of Love/Power Cut - Wings
    "I've waited all my life for you Hold me tight Take care of me and I'll be all right Hold me tight, hold me tight Hold me tight, hug me right Hold me tight, squeeze me tight Hold me tight, hug me right Hold"
  • T.N.T. - Dynamite Boy
    "See me ride out of that sunset On your color TV screen Out for all that I can get If you know what I mean Women to the left of me And women to the right Ain't got no gun Ain't got no knife But don't you"
  • Dy-Na-Mi-Tee (Remix) - Ms. Dynamite
    "(Ms. Dynamite) Yo I'm the same little girl that grew up next door to you Went through all the things a teenage girl goes through Hangin' out all night breakin my curfew When my daddy hit the door I gave"
  • I've Got the Fire - KISSIN' DYNAMITE
    "Get your ass in gear, come on over here, gotta check the news Chilly days are over, hot Messiah‘s on the loose I‘ve come to save you from the cold And guide you to the light I‘m here to unfreeze your heart I‘m"
  • Danger - Ms. Dynamite
    "(Chorus) It's dat bad black British bigger beats bitch From Brixton to Beanu the streets get switched She said hard lips ching, we don't want shit no Singing a flow and it started a tempo (Verse One) Sharper"

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