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every breth you take

  • Every time - Lionel Richie
    "Everytime i hold youi get that though and feeling all over meand everytime i touch you honey,oh brings back those feeling and those memories.Everytime i thinking you babe , i realice that hurt girlthat"
  • Every Body - Big Moe
    "(*talking*) D-Gotti I'm home baby, we here to party Bar better keep watching, they lil' mama twat Cause we ain't turning down nothing, but our collars Know I'm tal'n bout, for real though feel us ha-ha "
  • Take - Tunng
    "All eyes ablaze We saw her in the old light Oh Oh, in the old light Seventy years to fly closer to sunlight Oh oh, to the sunlight She sings to the stereo making dirty pictures with her hands in the"
  • Every Second Of Every Day - Avoid One Thing
    "feed my obcession can't let go fear of rejection don't look now you might see half a man when the blood comes pumping pain inside my head's something on overload I feel like I've been hanging out in the"
  • Every - Mai Hoshimura
    "Nee itsukara darou? shisen wo sosogu saki ni Hoka no dare demo naku itsumo anata ga iru Sakki made no ame ga uso no you ni agatte Hoshi ga nagare mune wa furueta Anata no amai koe urunda sono hitomi mo Zenbu"
  • Take That And Party - Take That
    "Come on, come on, come on, come on take that and partyCome on, come on, come on, take that: Every part of you makes me feel that I've gotta touch you you knowIf only you knew what's in my mindI can't believe"
  • Don't Take Your Love - Take That
    "Now when I've just begun to need you Trying to throw everything away No need to tell me, know you need time Time for me to make you see you're always mine Don't take your love away from me Don't take"
  • Every Time You Go - 3 Doors Down
    "I savor every minute that you're here That you're here with me Close my eyes and remember every breath Every memory Through all these sleepless nights alone I still feel you Across these miles away from"
  • Every Measurement You Make - Bill Nye
    "Every time of day Everything you weigh Every mark you make Every temp you take Is a measurement Human beings compare There's a standard there Temperature you take Time and mass and length Standard measurement For"
  • Every time you live - Karma
    "Every time to leave I feel so fineI was crying all the timeI cant take more of you, no I cant takeand you made my heart breakEvery time you come to meyou only make me cryno more worries, forget all the"

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