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exam beseades renegade');

  • Flight Of The Warrior - Riot
    "Thundering down from the mountain you ride Clutching a sword made of steel The ones you call friends they all left you for dead Alone on the battlefield many were at your command Renegade souls on your"
  • Wanted Man - Rev Theory
    "Head down on a pillow of concrete I won't rest in peace either way And I won't be forgiven And I will never give in I'll give you something if you wanna believe Won't ever belong Just wanna be free I'm"
  • Do The Paranoid Style - Bad Religion
    "hey let’s jump around to the renegade sound of the paranoid style hey get upside down to the American sound of the paranoid style everybody have you heard the news the old dance with wicked mpves it’s"
  • Collapse Rewind - Sinister
    "Enter, this cloud of sudden dreams Assembled, or what so far it seems Asylum, residence of fear Purgatory, driven by hatred To seek the truth, behold an resurrect To purge in flames, rejoin and recollect Vigilante,"
  • The Chant - Lullacry
    "One Hymn Is Above All Natures Bitter Song Eternally Sunk Into The Deepness Of His Heart Already Came The Time For The Farewell Trail Of The Renegade In The Indefinite World But His Cheerful Heart"
  • Power Ballad For Ozzy Osbourne - Rheostatics
    "Dave Bidini Rock band play rock and roll all day. Rock man say rock and roll will never die. Ozzy, dear old Ozzy, You are rock and roll to me. Half-deaf, drunk, and drooling With your nagging, chronic"
  • Disappear - Halo Friendlies
    "renegade speeds liberate me the asphalt melts my blood is seething let's go the road has called and i must follow come with me and break the cycle let's go let's take a ride and put the car in overdrive and"
  • Vicious Wrath - Krisiun
    "Wrath of primeval madness Forged from vicious roots Timeless existence plagued soul I vindicate the renegade ones Full moon serpent spirit Emerging in days of vindication Ravager fatherless inexorable Ill"
  • Rubber Band Stacks - Brooke Candy
    "Chillin, rubber band stacks to the ceiling And on and on yes the crew stay winnin Splish splash we’re tearin it up I came for the gut I make em up-chuck I come through like disco disaster I set the pace"
  • Fully Qualified To Be Your Man - Richard Thompson
    "(Richard Thompson) I don't want to be your friend anymore You've got fifty friends knocking at your door Life is short so please understand I'm fully qualified to be your man You know zoology is up my"

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