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falling for you

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falling for you
  • Dream Evil Falling
    "Sunday morning I want to leave this painful life Yesterday's evening it was glorious The king of the dancefloor The man with the irresistible eyes They could not deny it, I was glorious But if they saw"
  • Bananafishbones Falling
    "This letter is out for you today Wrote all the sorrow out of myself Wrote all my sorrow far away It's been a pity far too long I see you dance in angry ways Youre screaming at the pearl in your shell Forget"
  • Jamiroquai Falling
    "Sometimes in the morning When I wake up I shed a tear I'm hoping Come the night time You open the door and reappear I can promise to share All my dreams I will dare You set my heart racing when you"
  • Ens Cogitans Falling
    "I m falling down from sky I m seeing you far beneath Eternal, everlasting fly Like tender drops onto your eaves I m falling down to you I don t afraid of stones I m Immortal, I always new If you bestow"
  • Mercenary Falling
    "Infiltrate them Disintegrate them Terminate my fire Create your own desire Don't let them drag you under Towards their paradise I am the fallen angel The only one am I Be my dream this night Hide me"
  • Matthew Sweet Falling
    "The further you go The farther you've gone It doesn't mean you were made to hang on And you're falling falling falling But you can't let go Whether you're cold, hot, bottled or not This is the day for"
  • Montell Jordan Falling
    "(feat. Flesh-N-Bone) Come and feel my thug love baby This feelin'll get you with me It'll drive you oh so crazy Cuz I've been watchin' you lately lady Round and round the world we go To the next show Bless"
  • Staind Falling
    "You in your shell are you waiting for someone to rescue you from yourself. Don't be disappointed when no one comes. Don't blame me you didn't get it (3x) (Chorus) I already told you, that falling is"
  • Brooke Hogan Falling
    "I've been around him and i know what he's about. Shining those fancy things but it's not what he's made out of. He takes good care of me and loves me when im down he's my best frienemy and damn he makes"
  • K-Otic Falling
    "I'm fallin', Wish I wouldn't be, 'cause I hate the sound when you break me. (x2) Sound when you break me. Don't know what it was, That made me turn around, Can't find a way to forget you. I don't know"

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