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feelin goo

  • Feelin' Satisfied - Boston
    "(Scholz) Well come on All you people The time has come to get together You gotta have a little rock 'n' roll music To get you through the stormy weather And do whatever you feel when you let go Nothin's"
  • Feelin' myself - Mac Dre
    "I'm out of this world, not your run of the mill'n My name is fur I'm the owner of the building I'm a stoner and I'm chillin with two bitches like Jack I pimps and I mac drive a Benz and a 'lac man I've"
  • Feelin' It - Sammie
    "Shake a lil bit I c u looking gurl Like u know wat u want The way u stand from across the room I hope u ready now Cuz I got wat it takes 2 satisfy ur every urge 2 move Gurl don't be afraid to let"
  • Irie Feelin' - Kottonmouth Kings
    "We got that smooth irie feelin' we put it down We got that smooth irie feelin' with the reggae sound We got that smooth irie feelin' blazin' on these pounds With that smooth irie feelin' Kottonmouth Kings"
  • Feelin' Good - Sophie B. Hawkins
    "Written by: Leslie Bricusse/Anthony Newley Bird flyin' high You know how I feel Sun in the sky You know how I feel Breeze drifting by You know how I feel. It's a new dawn A new day A new life For me"
  • Feelin Better - Hank Williams Jr.
    "moved on down to sweet home alabama in 1974 had to get out of music city and i had to get off the road woman she left me the people wouldn't let me sing nothin but them old sad songs, had to get high"
  • Feelin' This - Terror Squad
    "It's on now Feel threatened by this T-Squad T.S. Takin shit [ VERSE 1: Armageaddon ] We 12-cylinder-pushin drug dealer-killers, we feelin this Tec-9s with silver clips, my ?set's style? is still legit Ain't"
  • Feelin' Blue - Tie-Dye Quartet
    "Chorus: -------- Well it's a sorry state of affairs The way my boy keeps rambling on And it's a tragic way to live life When I don't know if he'll be gone I try my best to entertain but he's just like"
  • Feelin' Good - Christina Grimmie
    "Before last night, I was down on my luck There was nothing going my way Before last night, Wasn't feelin' the love No reason for a smile on my face But I was always told You could turn it around Do it"
  • Feelin' You - Apathy
    "what can I say to you... If I'm feelin' you ? Yes, I thought it through... What do I gotta prove ? What do I gotta do ? Yes, I'm feeln' you... Yes, I'm feeln' you... Yes, I'm feeln' you... I haven't"

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