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good luck

  • Luck of the draw - Bonnie Raitt
    "You dust the bottles on the bar counter You're writing screenplays on the side Three nights a week can keep a girl workin Sometimes it's good to lose your pride. These things we do to keep the flame burnin"
  • Luck Is No Lady - The Brat Attack
    "I'm so sorry, for that I said I took the breath inside left it all for dead Destroyed the trust that we once had Scared you more than I ever wanted Across an ocean a million miles away Maybe I'll"
  • Luck - Fuel
    "It's cold outside in the middle of the winter and my brain's in the fridge (Would you know what shape I'm in) Point things in the better I'm lucky if I even give in to the sin (Would you know what shape"
  • Luck - The Style Council
    "Luck fell in the right place for me The day you happend to come by - You caught me feeling all was useless And left me feeling ten feet high Now nothing again will be quite the same You gathered my fears"
  • Luck - Clones Of Sam
    "Where the wind blows I will reign Just to see you blowing back there Where the wind blows I remain before my luck can change There you go, you're causing trouble My imagination loves you How I wonder"
  • Luck - American Authors
    "How can we make amends when we said all we said? I call and you don't pick up How can I say instead that I hope it's for the best? I won't, and I won't give up I'm sorry, Mother I know I let you down I'm"
  • Hollywood (Down On Your Luck) - Thin Lizzy
    "They say people out in Hollywood Live their life out in black and white They're living out a technicolor dream Next day they're a star overnight Not like living in New York Man, it's tougher Not like"
  • Don't go searchin' for luck - The Busters
    "You go out at night willing to have some fun You dress up `cos tonight's the night You heading for love, someone to hold you tight You go for your target arrow- straight Don't try to make anything happen"
  • Some Guys Have All The Luck - Robert Palmer
    "Some guys have all the luck Some guys have all the fun Some guys have all the luck all the luck What you gonna do when your luck begins to run Such a lucky dog it's good luck - push it I get turned on"
  • If It Wasn't For Bad Luck - Ray Charles
    "IF IT WASN'T FOR BAD LUCK (Uh-Uh) Wait a minute, Jimmy, look here I'm listenin' As I was wakin' up this mornin' Well well Oh Lord, you know I felt pretty good, Yes I did I began to stretch and yawn What"

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