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good sign

  • Sign Off - Sugarcult
    "Wake up all alone Sending postcards back to home On the road If the medication works Could I be the way I was? In control You painted a picture I'm the worst type of sinner You know You painted a picture Happier"
  • Sign Up - Face Tomorrow
    "This is it. He's on his way. Choices ahead. No face. No name..... yet. Convictions based on a play directed by life. He's so insecure..... Why?! Sign up cause we are here to stay. So give it your best"
  • We Good - Pete Rock
    "(feat. Kardinal Offishall) Yeah, I see you P'Rrahh It's Mr. Kardinal, we good Worry about us, it's Kardinal Offishall Knahmean, circle niggaz in dis Y'knahmean, straight from T Dot Linked up with the"
  • The Sign - Lisahall
    ""I'd go blind before I die, rather then look you, boy, in the eyes. And I would touch a tender nerve, rather than make sense of what, you imply. Chorus: Everywhere the sign. (the sign I see everywhere) Everywhere"
  • The Sign - Ace Of Base
    "I, I got a new life, you would hardly recognize me I'm so glad How can a person like me, check on you? I, why do I bother, when you're not the one for me.. Ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh... is enough enough? ["
  • Good tymes - Atmosphere
    "This next one goes out To all the depressed women in the house Whether you're taking the prozac the zanac or the paxil Whatever the hell they put into that capsule I want y'all to come up to the front"
  • Something Good - Wheatus
    "Cocaine eyes Been livin the lie Looks like another big night on the credit card babay Buttchew makin' em smile Yeah you drivin' 'em wild I could sit back and let you do all the talkin' now couldn't"
  • Good Music - The Roots
    "[?uestlove] Peace to all the hip cats, all the nappy sweets This is the BROther ?uestion, broadcasting live via satellite, from the Never Never Tunnels Now dig.. the rituals for today, is good music So"
  • Good god - Korn
    "You came into my life without a single thing I gave into your ways which left me with nothing I`ve given into smiles, I`ve dealt with all your games I wish you`re happy now, I had to let you win Why"
  • The Sign - Foo Fighters
    "I got superstition Ruling my decision You are my religion Haven't got a Prayer So just give me the sign and I'll follow you When every angel's guarding you You are my religion Haven't got a prayer I"

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