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  • Death-Hymn - The 3rd And The Mortal
    "Dreams carry me into sleep As I sigh I write your name in my Soul As I search your words I cast my Destiny on to you Deadly whisper in my ear Finally me now, my time has come I never thought I would"
  • Him Hymn - Rudimentary Peni
    "For fifty-four years he worked hard On five foul factory flaws Boredom ranking low on his list of fears Though they say his tears they cried dry tears He's no teenager He's a real neat rager He's"
  • Gallows Hymn - Primordial
    "Sister, do not pray for me There is no forgiveness here Just the longest and the darkest night And my peoples end And brother, many a crooked day we spent Telling tales and making myths Sharpening our"
  • Travel Hymn - Circa Survive
    "It came across like you were mad Holding in your breath with everything you had Until you face began to turn red This is why I turn and walk away from everything I need to feel it closer now This is"
  • Cannibal's Hymn - Nick Cave
    "You have a heart and I have a key Lie back and let me unlock you Those heathens you hang with down by the sea All they want to do is defrock you I know a river, where we can dream It will swell up, burst"
  • Battle Hymn - Manowar
    "(R. Friedman/J. DeMaio) By moonlight we ride Ten thousands side by side With swords drawn held high Our whips and armours shine Hail to thee our infantry Still brave beyond the grave All sworn the eternal"
  • Hymn pokoju - Pidżama Porno
    "Wiwat świat - ludzie czarni czerwoni żółci bialiZ Europy Azji Australii Afryki AmerykiOdludki na wyspachPo kolorowych całujcie się pyskachOdludki na wyspach całujcie sięBruderszaft Bruderszaft Bruderszaft"
  • Anaesthetist's Hymn - Amateur Transplants
    "Everybody wonders what anaesthetists do while the patient is asleep. Everybody wonders what we do for three hours while that machine goes beep. Everybody reckons we drink coffee and we gossip and we're"
  • The Hymn - Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come
    "This is my body Hair sticking strangely Through my skin make me But when you stroke my fur, ah ooh This is my body It is a home for my mind Beating soft time My clock pumps brain along my skin Where five"
  • Rota-Hymn - Arka Gdynia
    "Żółte jest Słońce - Niebieskie Niebo To właśnie barwy klubu naszego Kibicowanie to nie zabawa Arka to dla nas - Honoru Sprawa Arkowcy, Arkowcy, Wielki MZKS Arkowcy, Arkowcy, Wielki MZKS Mamy z Ejsmonda"

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