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  • How Many Wanna Die - Murder Inc
    "Yeah, yo, yo, uh Ja Rule, huh, Murder Inc. nigga (How many wanna die with me?) Come on, come on Yo, yo I'mma ride to the end of the road baby This life gon' drive me crazy Been gettin' high lately Wonderin'"
  • Rebels Symphony - Murder Inc
    "(O1) Lights out niggas! (Huh) You clowns (Ha, Ha, Ha) The Murderers is here now The game has changed You know what I mean Nobody knows you anymore Your records make no sense You know what I mean I just"
  • Crime Sense - Murder Inc
    "(Dave Bing) The fuck is wrong with y'all niggaz You think this shit is a game nigga Like it ain't about murder and cocaine nigga The fuck is wrong wit y'all It's Murder Inc nigga With some Dave Bing shit Stop"
  • Trust The Experts - Snuff Pop Inc.
    "TRUST THE EXPERTS 'cause they know better than you! (2X) TRUST YOUR MASTER 'cause he knows better than you! FOLLOW YOUR LEADERS 'cause they know better than you... ...'cause so they tell! We're gambling,"
  • For The Love Of Pig Brother - Snuff Pop Inc.
    "Pig brother's watching you! I've made a passion of bandage and dark rooms Blind dates that can't control my escape Pig Brother begs, spread your legs All competing pleasures will be destroyed (someone"
  • Lolita Speaks - Snuff Pop Inc.
    "Hi! Do you remember me? That's right, baby - I'm Lola, also known as Lolita Or Madonna, or Ginger Spice, or Britney Spears, or.... ....Anything you like, baby! So tell me what you want, what you really"
  • On - Snuff Pop Inc.
    "Lucy doesn't move Lucy doesn't give her opinion Lucy doesn't see And Lucy doesn't please anybody but me Hands in the fire! Your life is about to expire Mole on the mind I've got a present for you No"
  • Revival - Snuff Pop Inc.
    "Take a good look at victims ahead Put your foot on the burning gun No one from here to hell to fear When road hog's pounding lead in the pit Hit'n'run formula, fish'n'cut bait Highway Code crammed under"
  • The Imposture - Snuff Pop Inc.
    "BIG TIME HADES APPROACHES Tracking me down and cracking me up They appear as reflections, as the glint in your lover's eye They're gravediggers sent from the Common Cellar To riddle the ceiling upon which"
  • Chrysalis - Snuff Pop Inc.
    "Well, there's a static landscape stretching as far as the eye can see And a frozen sunset burning like some giant restless eye I can't move in here, I'll let my fingers do the walking Is this a casting"

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