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intro gosia andrzejewicz

  • Intro - Mase
    "Yeah, Here we go one more time, For all you ballers and ballette's out there, The saga continues, We took a little break, But we back now, It's our turn now The first up to bat, Is that nigga... They call..."
  • Intro - Boyz N Da Hood
    "Dis Bad Boy South bitch Block Entertainment Ladies and Gentleman Im about top introduce to you (Itz about dat time) 4 of tha realest niggaz to come up out tha hood As I introduce to you (Boyz N da"
  • Intro. - Mr. Bungle
    "Ah ha ha Ah yeah Yo what's up? Welcome to Mr. B's new demo Buggin' out homes This is our fourth demo ya'll On the fourth of July Ya'll know four times four equals sixteen tracks Word Divided by two Which"
  • Intro - Lupe Fiasco
    "Food and liquor stores rest on every corner From 45th and State to the last standing hymn nuhana J&J's, Harold's chicken, good finger licking While they sin, gin, sin sin at Rothschild and Kenwood Liquors The"
  • Intro - Mya
    "Que Sera De Mi Se me parte el alma escuchando tus crueles palabras mi corazón al orte cuando lo reclamas que recapacites y pienses que ser de m Si vas a dejarme solo aspiro hacer infeliz que dura"
  • Intro - Nelly
    "yo hey nelly whatz up dog its cedric the intertainer get at me man i been hallerin at ya but i been trin to call you bout 3 days i done called your cell phone pager voice mail over you mamma house your"
  • Intro - The Notorious B.I.G.
    "(Puff Daddy) Push C'mon Shorty stay push, c'mon C'mon, c'mon push it's almost there One more time, c'mon *baby cries* C'mon push baby, one more time *baby cries* Harder harder, push harder Push, push,"
  • Intro - Jadakiss
    "JadaKiss (talking) Shut the door Bobby. You know why i dad to send the boys to come got you. Your talking like a bitch now bobby shut the fuck up. Yo bobby, come here i wanna tell you something. Come"
  • Intro - Ginuwine
    "back 2 the basics yeah(repeating Fading in to the track) (Ginuwine) no one can ever take my place, im coming back to make this claim, i talk it cos i tote big things, and never will i fall off i work"
  • Intro - Big Tymers
    "(Mannie Fresh) Have you ever met a balla in whole damn life Wit plenty money, plenty bitches, and a whole lot of ice I'm that nigga man, tha one they talkin about I'm that nigga man, wit tha big ass house Move"

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