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jailer tlumaczenie

  • That's What I'm Like Without You - Buck Owens
    "Like a man without a future, Like a chalk without a slate Like a jail without a jailer, Like a bird without a mate Like a song without a title, Like a morning without dew Like a heart without a heartbeat,"
  • Say We'll Never (heaven) - All About Eve
    "All About Eve Miscellaneous Say We'll Never (heaven) He dreams of release as life goes on And all for his faith, his face is drawn For ever and a day he sings his praise Still living in fear of judgement"
  • Snowball In Hell - They Might Be Giants
    "Avalanche or roadblock I was a snowball in hell Avalanche or roadblock A jailer trapped in his cell Money's all broke, and food's going hungry If it wasn't for disappointment I wouldn't have any appointments Side"
  • I Worked Down On The Chaing Gang - Lightnin'
    "Yeah you know I worked on the railroad I even worked down on that chain gang Yeah you know I worked on the railroad Oh boy and I worked down on the chain gang Yeah they put me in jail when it was raining Honey"
  • The Price You Pay - Molly Hatchet
    "There's a small jail in Georgia you all know, Where the sun's so hot and the daylight don't show. Where the moccasin she rests on a soft bed of sand, You can hear the hound dog howling out the land. Chorus: It"
  • Delia's Gone - Bobby Bare
    "Delia's gone one more round Delia's gone First time I shot Delia shot her in the side The second time I shot her she laid right down and died Delia's gone one more round Delia's gone The reason I shot"
  • Going Down The Road Feeling Bad - Doc Watson
    "Oh, it's going down the road feeling bad Bad luck's all I've ever had Going down the road feeling bad, Lord, Lord And I aint' a-gonna be treated this a-way Got me way down in jail on my knees This old"
  • Roll Again - Joe Ely
    ""Damn this sand," sang the rambler. "Damn this hand," sang the gambler. Nobody's satisfied With the road they chose to ride Oh Let it Go, Roll Again Damn these caves sang the jailer Damn these waves sang"
  • Do I Ever Cross Your Mind - Nana Mouskouri
    "Some situation somewhere,somehow Triggers your memory And do you ever wonder What became of all the time And darlin' do I ever cross your mind Do you ever want to know If all dreams go on endlessly Or"
  • Eat Your Heart Out - Dio
    "It's been a long hot road I've been upon Through the desert of your soul I've looked high and low for water But it's not there All the promises of springtime Turned to lies, so cold But I'm stronger than"

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