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  • Tankard Voodoo Box
    "I'm a low life, trash, riff-raff Drinkin' booze, pub-crawling man Psychotics on narcotics I need 10 bottles a day Lame and useless to the bone, broken dreams, leave me alone But the last day, back alley A"
  • The Aquabats Giant Robot Birdhead
    "Out of the sky The Floating Eye Will prophecy and pretend That this is the end The people run, Run to the hills Run for their lives to flle The horrible eye This was the dream Don't cross the streams Jumbo"
  • So Solid Crew No Good For Me
    "NEUTRINO: Bound for the bound bound, we're back again Oxide, Neutrino settin the trend This time I thought I'd bring in my friends Mega, Romeo, So solid that's them Oh oh, Oh oh lemme hear ya Oh oh, Oh"
  • Simon Townshend Scaffolding
    "As I sit alone, I can dream of anything I'll fly into the view, scene from the scaffolding Jumbo sweeps away, I'll hang on for my dear life Hawaii here I come Down from the scaffolding While I'm waiting,"
  • Simon Townshend On The Scaffolding
    "As I sit alone, I can dream of anythingI'll fly into the view, seen from the scaffolding Jumbo sweeps away, I'll hang on for my dear lifeHawaii, here I come, down from the scaffolding While I'm waiting,"
  • Robert Pollard Submarine Teams
    "Fine mussels & selected brains The trimmings of slim victory Over the smelly waters Of "See a World and Eat it" Shocked by a whaling umpire's trumpet The starter gargles The salt brine The stoned nations"
  • Pushmonkey Thing
    "Last night Flashlight You said We could get in Your bed Your legs Red Light Do you like what I said I think you got a thing for me youe comin' around to check out what I got You got to gimme that thing"
  • Racionais MC's Di
    "So Paulo, dia primeiro de outubro de 1992, oito horas da manh. Aqui estou, mais um dia Sob olhar sanguinrio do vigia Voc no sabe como caminhar com a cabea na mira de uma HK Metralhadora alem ou de Israel Estraalha"
  • Rampage The Last Boy Scout Flipmode Iz da Squad
    "(Rampage) Drop it Uh, ladies and gentlemen Chorus: Y'all siga siga sing it x6 (Flipmode is da squad) It's the Ramp auto nigga you've been waiting for, the outlaw Throwing brothers off the seashore,"
  • Pilfers Legal Shot Pam Pam
    "We go down in our stylee For all of the massive dem now When time we touch up the stage Guaranteed to move up the crowd Legal Shot dem ahfi bust now because we ruff ruff raggamuffin. Legal shot dem ahfi"

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