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just bre athe

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just bre athe
  • Yung Lean Sippin
    "I'm sippin', over 100 degrees Posted with my boys, sippin' Hennessey I'm trippin' shawty down on her knee's Everything be okay I feelin' good in the breeze I get it lit man, you know we overseas Fly to"
  • Ariana Grande Motive (feat. Doja Cat)
    "Tell me why i get this feeling That you really wanna turn me on Tell me why i get this feeling That you really wanna make me yours Cause i see you trying Subliminally trying To see if i am gon’ be the"
  • A$AP Rocky Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2 (LPFJ2)
    "Who the jiggy nigga with the gold links? Got me reminiscin' 'bout my old day Three 6, suck a nigga dick, no foreplay, all day Boomin' out the trap through the hallway Tell me what you niggas know about"
  • Johnny Polygon The Fall
    "(Hook) Sometimes, the fall comes first Get up Get up (It’s not the house that’s haunted, it's yourself) (Verse 1) Mind over matter I don’t mind, it don’t matter Bang bang, blood splatter On my mom’s new"
  • Logic Alrtight
    "Hold up Let me get my mind, let me get my mind right, yeah Let me get my mind, let me get my mind right You know everything is alright You know everything is al- Just ride with a mothafucka Keep it"
  • Ariana Grande 34+35
    "You might think i am crazy the way i've been craving If i put it Quite plainly Just give me tchem babies So what you doing tonight Better say doing you right Watching movies But i ain’t seen a thing"
    "I don't know why I just feel I'm better off Stayin' in the same room I was born in I look outside and see a whole world better off Without me in it tryin' to transform it You are out of my mind, oh You"
  • Dua Lipa Fever (feat. Angele)
    "Before you come around i was doing just fine usually /3x i don't pay no mind No, when you come down I was looking in your eyes Sudenly /3x I can feel it inside I got a fever... so can you check? Hello"
  • Scarlett Johansson Falling Down
    "I've come 500 miles just to see your halo Come from St. Petersburg, Scarlett and me When I open my eyes, I was blind as can be And to give a man luck, he must fall in the sea And she wants you to steal"
  • Martyna Zygadło When You Believe
    "Many nights we pray With no proof anyone could hear And our hearts a hopeful song We barely understand Now we are not afraid Although we know there's much to fear We were moving mountains long Before we"

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