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  • Give It To The Moment (ft. Djemba Djemba) - Kiesza
    "all I need for you and me Give It To The Moment"
  • Sweet Love - Kiesza
    "open up my window let a little wind blow you catchin my drift meet me on a the side go deep into my shadows grant yourself a wish give yourself a break we’re making a mistake but maybe that’s ok for us have"
  • When Boys Cry - Kiesza
    "what’s the point of hiding boy I can see it in your eyes silence is a good decoy but it isn’t a disguise what’s the point of faking when inside you’re breaking whatoha holding back from me I ma the one"
  • All Of The Feelings - Kiesza
    "something don’t make sense that feeling that I get when you touch me body how do you know what I want like lightening creeping in electric on my skin maybe that’s how two becomes one dace whit the devil"
  • Love Me With Your Lie - Kiesza
    "you kill me softly whiyt your vibe take me holy whit your eyes right now do you Love Me With Your Lie do you Love Me With Your Lie move away i cnan't find that's somethin' in me inside don't leave me"
  • Mother - Kiesza vs Malinchak
    "Woah to me i know not what to do the thorns I carry touch softer than the truth sing for me I know not where to go the road ahead to me is but the path I know soona we’ll be dunna with the troubles of"
  • The Feelings - Boye & Sigvardt x Kiesza
    "Could it be i Just want healing Could it be I don’t need reasons To wanna feel like that Going out alone to get Out my head Letting go of what I wanna forget Dancing through it"
  • Lost In Music - The Fall
    "Le money il sur le table Il money il sur la table The palace of excess leads to the palace of access Hideaway! I'm lost in music Feel so alive Hideaway sur la table I'm lost in music Caught in a"
  • Eye Of The Hurricane - Impellitteri
    "Into the eye, eye of the hurricane Black clouds are rushing in The storm is ready to strike The lightening flashes through the wasteland Caught between the earth and sky Hear the thunder roar Got to find"
  • Runaway - Carola
    "So many things that you could say or doDon't wanna say goodbyeSo many nights that I would cry for youBut you were cold as iceNow I'm searching for someone I can be sure ofSacrifice the only one that I"

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