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  • It's Alright It's Ok - Leah Andreone
    "Broken doll baby And she says that life's a waste It doesn't have to be that way Dad threw away her mom Her mom gave up his name Crucified by their words Nailed by shame She stares into the sun Self"
  • Kiss Me Goodbye - Leah Andreone
    "Your arms Hold me aimlessly I can feel you Letting me go Don't sing me a lullaby Don't pretend to care Finish up And get out of here Indulge yourself Kiss me goodbye Judas Mangled songs words are strained Your"
  • Lamentation - Leah Andreone
    "Oh God we're here And goodbye chokes on my tears While your exit seems so effortless So mean, you don't fool me When the morning wakes you'll grab for me But the plane took me away Are you scared of what"
  • Mother Tongue - Leah Andreone
    "Mother tongue I speak that language There are no words but there is meaning My secret love song My eyes swell I'm free Mother tongue Never betrayed me Inhale your life One more breath, I'm dancing Lacking"
  • Porn - Leah Andreone
    "Joseph Graham gave me all I want in a language I can't understand Just a smile in a parking lot I turned the page and his sister was there Sister girl, will you rescue me Be my friend in my fantasy I'm"
  • Pretty Freak - Leah Andreone
    "Move for me Dive in for me Please pull all my strings Drink from me I'll nurse you Whispers speaking tongues Picture perfect pretty freak My blindfold's tighter Vision's tweaked I wouldn't mind being"
  • Private Affair - Leah Andreone
    "Wish me a good night It's not a goodnight night for me tonight You'll dream of me Me tonight with blindfolds on Tonight Lust blinds the eyes And justifies reasons But I'll never know What you know she's"
  • Problem Child - Leah Andreone
    "Why won't you pay attention Pray every night I'll make you happy If I'm real bad will you punish me The contact hurts but at least you're touching me Can't you see can't you read please read me please Hard"
  • Saturday - Leah Andreone
    "Can you climb any higher Get out on a limb Hold a smile for hours The walls are caving in I feel the pressure I need a holiday binge Can you climb any higher So I can feel it Lose your mind any faster Time"
  • Something I Can Feel - Leah Andreone
    "If you steal my heart Hold it to the flame I will keep that fair Burn it in your name Don't let me pull away Let me feel the pain And maybe you think that its crazy But I've been stoned And I've been"

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