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letet snow

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letet snow
  • Keith Green Summer Snow
    "Unexpectedly, you came back to see, If I'd was waiting, like I promised long before. Your shadow filled the room, the music changed it's tune, When I saw you, you were standing at the door. Like summer"
  • Burning Brides Arctic Snow
    "Standing on the edge of feelin', Seconds from the point of healin'. High enough to make a good impression. Stimulate the conversation. I wanna go off and hide, You're colder than an arctic snow. Come"
  • Chris Tomlin Winter Snow
    "Could've come like a mighty storm With all the strength of a hurricane You could've come like a forest fire With the power of Heaven in Your flame But You came like a winter snow Quiet and soft and slow Falling"
  • Elton John Snow Queen
    "Written by Elton John, Davey Johnstone, Kiki Dee and David Nutter Lyrics by Bernie Taupin You remind me so much Of her when you're walking Where everything's perfect And nobody's talking You're a cushion"
  • Unshine Snow White
    "< For paleness of the moon when mandragon's in bloom he chants undying music of doom For brightness of the sun when coldness is gone he waits for the moment of hunt Constant course through the darkest wood she summons up her bravest mood Immortal is thy life immortal is thy ride against the forces of time At sky ancient starlight will shine as her guide before the end of the night She feels their union in blood is now the time of outset or end Run now like a prey snow white now fly away your heart is pounding fast run now fly away snow white you are the prey he is nearing fast "
  • The Honorary Title Snow Day
    "The window fogs from my breath My face pressed up close, up close against Catching the snowfall under a beam of streetlight And praying for accumulation all through the night These confrontations puncture"
  • Jonathan Edwards Cold Snow
    "Cold snow is a blowing And I cry for wanting you Stranger in my waking hour And sleep could hurt it too. Fasten up your boot strap, baby, and pull your wool hat down. For the sky is shining white my love to"
  • Laura Veirs Snow camping
    "I saw the violet turn to nightI saw the water turn to iceA thousand snowflakes hovered round meThe world aglowI heard a distant songbird singing A song the words i used to knowAnd as the melody went ringing"
  • Armor For Sleep Snow Globe
    "I used to believe that no one else was alive. And all of the world was just a show inside my own mind. The dog's on a leash, tied to a pole, shaking above the snow I try to pretend, I try to pretend, everything's"
  • Karin Park Stockholm Snow
    "Dance by my window, so I can see your face Cause I am locked in here and the key is on the outside It's almost morning and all the stockholm snow Is falling on your head and on your window I won't be"

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