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lois be true to yourselfe tekst tlumaczenie

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lois be true to yourselfe tekst tlumaczenie
  • Captain Jack Captain Jack
    "Ejo Captain JackBring me back to the railroad trackRunning to the railroad trackRun along with Captain JackRun into the peacecamp backRun along with Captain JackBadadadideido, left right right leftBadadadideido,"
  • Tokio Hotel Monsoon 2020
    "I'm staring at a broken door There's nothing left here anymore My room is cold It's making me insane I've been waiting here so long But now the moment seems to have come I see the dark clouds coming up"
    "NONSTOP robię ruchy NONSTOP widzę duchy NONSTOP taki stan, przez który nie rozmawia z ludźmi NONSTOP buchy NONSTOP robię ruchy NONSTOP widzę duchy NONSTOP jestem wyżej NONSTOP jestem skuty NONSTOP robię"
  • Gorillaz The Pink Phantom (ft. Elton John & 6LACK)
    "You’ve more or less forgotten to Me this summer I can’t hide my disappointment I was on my way in the Phantom fire The one you gave away Try to tell you That i loveyou But i told ya You forgot and that"
  • Gillette Don't Want No Short Dick Man
    "Don't Want no short dick Man(x4) What in the world is that fucking thing Do you some fucking Tweezers to put that little thing away That has got to be the smallest Dick I have ever seen...In my whole life Get"
  • Helen Reddy I Cant Hear You No More
    "I don't know how to love him, what to do, how to move him I've been changed, yes really changed In these past few days when I see myself, I seem like someone else I don't know how to take this, I don't"
    "You say things with your mouth, cobwebs and flies come out I hear a second voice behind your tongue somehow Luckily I can read your mind, flies and cobwebs unwind They will not take you down, they will"
  • Tau Kod
    "Co by było gdybym cię nie spotkał Co bym mówił, jakbym wyglądał Co by było gdybym cię nie poznał Nie poznał cię Co by było gdybym cię wycofał W co bym wierzył Gdzie bym podążał Co by było gdybym się nie"
  • Iron Savior Our Time Has Come
    "Mortal fear, tyranny Of light and love Mind control in the name Of the gods above In torment and pain The end is drawing near Send me an angel To safe me from here Fire is falling from the sky The storm"
    "on the last thive you are the wind strong and cold .. beyond the ground there's a hide and never be found and never be found and never be found and never be found and never be found Wow Wow and"

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