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mani mani mani camasutra

  • Man - Agnetha F
    "You are beside me, I'm part of you now Love of my life this moment was made for us somehow, Where did you come from and how did it start, Was it a star from heaven that brightened up my heart? That light"
  • Man - Tangerine Dream
    "My God, I heard this day, That none doth build a stately habitation, But he that means to dwell therein. What house more stately hath there been, Or can be, then is Man? to whose creation All things are"
  • Man - Level 42
    "Hey man where you been you can't run away from the life you made your own now that it's gone and left you down and out you're not so complete now what do you say all the answers you propose nobody chose"
  • Man - the bird and the bee
    "Don't, don't, don't, don't leave me, don't leave me here Skirt in the air with muted cares, all limbs and love absurd I know I say, "Just let me stay" But stomp the ground, push me around and send me on"
  • Man - Die Toten Hosen
    "You ask me what my name is Cause you dont know who I am I'll you all about myself Then you'll understand You wish that we were strangers But I've got other plans I'm your lover and your best friend, your"
  • Man - Church
    "We press on and on Funny how the future's always waiting for you When the day has gone We hide away Shadows that stalk you The wind that calls your name Voices in the thunder Don't understand what"
  • Man - Sprung Monkey
    "How does it feel when it comes down to yourself? And how does it feel when you look back on your life? And tell me how does it feel when it comes down to yourself How does it feel as you try to close your"
  • Man - Belasco
    "Is this how it must end all of us on our hands is this how it must end dirtied from where we land everybody feels the same so give it all you want come on and give it all you've got no shame in what you're"
  • Man - Magma
    "Maahr dh S Maahr dh S w lo Maahr dh S Maahr dh S w lo rd d/ wrissi rd d/ wh R/ wri d wi lhnso wri dhn S wri dhn snd/ wri dhn snd rd d/ wlo rd d wh D/ wh wlo hm /m /m hm /m /m Do d/h wlo hm"
  • Man - SS501
    "Yes! my way or the highway insengun hanbon phuninde It's okay da jumoghe buri taorunun yorjong soge Jang sangur hyang hago kuthkaji pogi tawinun harsu obso Bosodonjyo amuri suryoji dorado dashi irosor"

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