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metallica nogting else mater.

  • Someone else - A
    "How many cars on the drive are actually yours...? You never go out for a ride, you keep them indoors You got a big big mouth A big big house Your the king of cribs right now* A real big hit No hard shit"
  • Somebody Else - The Real Booty Babes
    "Here we are Talking for hours But one thing Feels it's covered I thought We just had each other It came out We worked undercover Here we are Talking for hours But one thing Feels it's covered I thought We"
  • Someone Else - Rasmus
    "She drinks the blood of the dinosaurs to get her powers back to make her boyfriend understand That things are not what they used to be She doesn't have a plan to make her boyfriend understand Through the"
  • Nobody Else - Warrant
    "I fade to black I turn to grey When ever you have gone away I can't decide what I should eat Without you I am incomplete When you're back I have to say CHORUS When I'm sick and tired You make me well Any"
  • Somebody Else - Vroom
    "There's nobody else But I swear I heard somebody I'm all by myself I must have been hearing the tv Cause I need to know if you love me I need to know if you love me Everyone knows what they're doing"
  • Anybody Else - Godhead
    "See me dead before you take my mind I can make you understand I have tried to help them Tried to speak Wasted effort makes me weak And I want a breakdown So I can be unbound I want to be anybody else"
  • Somebody Else - Kubb
    "I don't want somebody else and I don't need anybody else you're gonna see that for yourself and you're gonna feel it in your head Chorus coz I dont want somebody else Everytime you leave me alone girl"
  • Nobody Else - Atomic Rooster
    "My Whole World Is Falling Down. My Whole World Is Fallen Down. Couldn't See,You're Only Me, Nobody Else To Blame. My Whole World Is Gone Away. My Whole World Is So Alone. My Whole World Is So Alone. Couldn't"
  • Something Else - Robin Thicke
    "i want something else 2x i'm a man i love my drink i like the girls i've walked these streets but i need a break, some new town cause the way it tastes it is going down (i say) (chorus) i want"
  • Someone Else - Goldfinger
    "Sitting here alone, I wonder whats the use I'm so bored I'm just killing time Can you explain to me I just don't understand Why my skin has worn so damn thin. I realise, that it's been worse before I"

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