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midnay oil

  • Forgotten Years - Midnight Oil
    "Few of the sins of the father, are visited upon the son Hearts have been hard, our hands have been clenched in a fist too long Our sons need never be soldiers, our daughters will never need guns These"
  • Mountains Of Burma - Midnight Oil
    "The tucker box is empty now, the heart of Kelly's country cleared The gangers on the southern line, like the steam trains have disappeared Pelicans glide, miracles up in the sky We vote for the government,"
  • King Of The Mountain - Midnight Oil
    "Walking through the high dry grass Pushing my way through slow Yellow belly black snake Sleeping on a red rock Waiting for the stranger to go Sugar train stops at the crossing Cane cockies cursing below Bad"
  • Shakers And Movers - Midnight Oil
    "Won't you come on down the line, away from barren ground The harlot and the autocrat, are they driving you further down The season's rhymes, they anchor me, against the raging tide Take you to the last"
  • One Country - Midnight Oil
    "Who'd like to change the world? Who wants to shoot the curl? Who wants to work for bread? Who wants to get ahead? Who hands out equal rights? Who starts and ends that fight? And not rant and rave, or"
  • Antarctica - Midnight Oil
    "I'm a snow plough I must now plough on I'm a snow plough I'm a settler's son I'm a storm cloud Rain myself all over the place I'm a storm cloud Wipe that smile right off your face There must be one place"
  • Feeding Frenzy - Midnight Oil
    "Well I'm as old as the hills And young as the day Nobody sees things, in quite the same way Computers and shovels, churches and brothels Mannequins and skeletons, cities and dustbowls Here we go here"
  • My Country - Midnight Oil
    "Was it just a dream, were you so confused Was it just a giant leap of logic Was it the time of year, that makes a state of fear Methods, were their motives for the action And did I hear you say My country"
  • Renaissance Man - Midnight Oil
    "Well I told you about the forest and trees and the chlorophyll green Yes I told you the birds will endure flutter wings dance on leaves Hold onto dreams, hold onto dreams tonight Well I told you about"
  • Truganini - Midnight Oil
    "There's a road train going nowhere Roads are cut, lines are down We'll be staying at the Roma bar Till that monsoon passes on The backbone of this country's broken The land is cracked and the land is"

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