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nuty na keyboard Read all about it emeli sande

  • Read My Lips - Mary Chapin Carpenter
    "(Mary Chapin Carpenter) A few more cigarettes now honey One more jolt of joe A couple hours past New York City A few more turnpike tolls One more minute away from you Is a minute that lasts too long When"
  • Read My Mind - Reba McEntire
    "(Keith Thomas/Melissa Coleman/Todd Moore) A penny for my thoughts you say You want to know what I could be thinking But as I speak the music starts to play And the words just somehow slip away Read my"
  • Read My Name - Chris De Burgh
    "Chris De Burgh - Read My Name For every child that has been born There is a chance to shine, And everyone can have a dream Until the end of time, So live for every moment As the world keeps turning"
  • Read My Lips - Duran Duran
    "(ROCK IT!) I got something You got nothing to lose I could give you So much more than you're used to Move a little closer Maybe we can slip away Right now we could use a little privacy All too much"
  • Read My Mind - Samantha Mumba
    "(Read my mind) Did you catch that look that was meant for you? Did you know where my smile was leading to? Did you hear that sigh You know what I want you to do. Not a single word I need to hear Cuz"
  • Read My Stars - The Babys
    "Say you love me I know you do Go anywhere I want you to Yeah but I love ya So now I read my stars Gettin' worried I face the floor Hearin' noises outside my door Think it's friends Can't be sure So"
  • Read My Body - Kiss
    "Would you want to know what I'm thinking about Do you wonder do I wanna make you scream and shout - shout it out Would you like to see what's in my brain Does your curiosity make you insane - insane Baby"
  • Read My Lips - Marie Osmond
    "Sometimes I can be so shy I keep my emotions deep inside And I try to tell you how much you mean to me but each time I start out I get stuck, words don't come easily (Chorus) When the feel of my hand and"
  • Headlines Read Out... - We The Kings
    "Stay for a moment and I promise that I will be different and you'll see me Wait, Wait And I'll show you There is more to this if you will listen And you'll soon believe Extra Extra, hear me now I am"
  • Read My Mind - Dead Mushroom
    "Go now, coz I just can't wait Fear me not, I won't just sty You make me bleed Uncaptured, flow makes me crazy Got them in control I feel I got astray Wonder why you leave me a trail You don't understand"

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