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one direction what makes you beatiful

  • Love Makes You Believe - Gowan
    "(Lawrence Gowan) Down deperate roads Sometimes you run for your life Only to find the answer Suddenly slips out of sight Yeah, you were fooled I guess you should take the blame Nothing can last forever, Those"
  • Whatever Makes You Happy - Paul Westerberg
    "Whatever makes you happy Is exactly what you will wear I wouldn't dream of changing you For a minute or in a year Whatever makes you happy Is exactly how you will stay Whatever makes you happy is okay Whatever"
  • It Makes You Happy - Lynn Anderson
    "Somehow it seems you always keep me crying I must look my best to you and I am blue You don't want me and I can't live without you It makes you happy to know you make me blue A smile on my face would be"
  • That's What Makes You Strong - Wynonna Judd
    "That's what makes you strong'. If you love somebody Then that means you need somebody And If you need somebody That's what make you weak If you know your weak Then you know need you someone Oh,"
  • What Makes Me Love You (Like I Do) - Billy Walker
    "What makes two hearts that beat as one until the heart trades love for fun What makes the one I love untrue what makes me love you like I do What makes the stars up in the sky seem lost from dark clouds"
  • What A Difference Your Love Makes - Basement Jaxx
    "You woke me up from this sorrow place You switch me off Turn me on You rescued me when you came along No One Ever Knows Which Way is Gonna Go Who would ever know That we've been here last September Let's"
  • What Makes The World Go 'Round - Kiss
    "Once I was a fool dreamin' my life away, and then yesterday I found you Lookin' for me, draggin' your heart around at the lost and found I love you, you're the only one who could make me feel love was"
  • What Makes The World Go Round - Shyheim
    "(trigger tha gambler) There a toker, under the numb, scumb looker Get the gatherin, big willy, me, thug rich and booker The gun to gun, face off, street smart nigga That I'm ready to tear your numbers"
  • What Makes A Man A Man - Marc Almond
    "My mum and I we live alone A great apartment is our home In fairhome towers I have to keep me company Two dogs, a cat, a parakeet Some plants and flowers I help my mother with the chores I wash, she dries,"
  • Love Makes You Do Thangs - En Vogue
    "Here I go again I guess I can't pretend I'm a sucker for pure love, my friend I find myself always thinking about that first romantic weekend It's like there's nothing else to do but sit and fantasize"

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