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  • I'm Alright, Me - The Cribs
    "All the meek you should rejoice Now you've found your voice If you can't beat them don't join them Just post rumours on forums And I heard that it's curtains But I could not be certain What's that? We're"
  • Speed kills - Bush
    "Speed kills, coming down the mountainSpeed kills, coming down the streetSpeed kills, the presence of mineSpeed kills, if you know what I meanI've got to feel woke up inside againI've got to feel less broke,"
  • nie zmienił cię czas (ft. mejt) - doli
    "Ja jestem outsider, nie identyfikuję się z żadną społecznością nawet. Outsider to taki jest wyrzutek właściwie, poza nawiasem. x2 Paradoksalnie nadal o niej myślę A przecież mówiłem nie dawno, że chuj"
  • Dancing In The Fire - Melissa Etheridge
    "I think my heart was designed to fade and lose color To turn inside out and wash in the rain It loses all perfection in cold water So the desired look is obtained And it rises higher and higher Like this"
  • Only The Heart Within You - Stephen Bishop
    "(Stephen Bishop) There's a light And it's shining In the night For the soul who steers the flight As the sidewalk dreamers Slip across the scene looking to win A stranger lights a candle Out here in the"
  • The Balance Theory - Dead To Fall
    "Looking in as an outsider I have seen you slip Are you really happy, or just trying to forget Every joyful moment is reciprocated by a desperate and lonely thought Force it out of your mind, shove it all"
  • Shallow Hole - Pain Teens
    "The fantasy is about power, it is really about control A powerless loveless outsider, wanting to be in control To dominate and destroy beauty, put himself in the master's role The power ends when death"
  • Gasoline - Enter The Haggis
    "Outside around the side form a circle forwar I'm an outsider on the side formerly a farm-boy inside I'm on the side i'm divided undecided back then around again second time's a charm boy upside mortified rubber-necking"
  • Bring On The Rain - Vanishing Point
    "Feel the lines, across my face I felt the many years erased Feel the pulse on life I've known It's sojourn tears I taste View into your world and see Seek an unborn day With your heart and mind and soul Your"
  • Pleasures of Soho - Soho Dolls
    "I'm so happy it hurts I'm so happy you smile I'm so happy you flirt And for this I'd crawl one mile Grant me this final wish I wanna put you in a trance I wanna be your poisoned dish All sick senses enhanced Give"

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