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pam pam para ram pam pam pam slow slow slow motion

  • Slow Motion Sickness - Dave Navarro
    "Continued the waiting Tearing at the wing I lost a friend A terrible plaything Broken on a swing I lost a friend Kept boxes of old days When you were afraid Alone and nothing Thought I had something To"
  • Slow-Motion Rain - Fallen Angels
    "Life is slow Makes the pain grow And time doesn't pass It isn't as fast As it seems to the eyes Of the guardians Time isn't right Unconsciuos facts Makes us suffer in vain Collect all the pain And always"
  • Tryin' - Pam Tillis
    "In a cloud of dust on a greyhound bus she crossed the cook county line. Slept all the way to nashville big dreams running through her mind. She said sure as Im breathing I'm gonna be a big star some"
  • Sweetheart's Dance - Pam Tillis
    "Sweetheart's dance, that's what we do The two heart two-step baby, that's me and you Sweetheart's dance round and round Make out in the corner Lover's quarrel, sweetheart's dance Sometimes babe I hate"
  • Slow - The Cardigans
    "Slow, slow, slow There is something you need to know There's a feeling I don't understand Here it comes again Glow, glow, glow There was love ten seconds ago In it's place, now a tiny pain It comes again There'll"
  • Slow - Reverend Horton Heat
    "made up my mind a long time ago Ain't no reason not to take it slow It took a long time but I learned what they like Once you've learned my lesson it's like ridin' a bike Slow, Slow, learn my lesson Slow,"
  • Slow - Ignite
    "I thought there was o bond i sure learned i couldnt have been more wrong your looking out for number one now youre not the only one slow theres no direction slow theres no objective slow take it slow i"
  • Slow - Kylie Minogue
    "Knew you'd be here tonight So I put my best dress on Boy I was so right Our eyes connected Now nothing's how it used to be No second guesses Track in on this feeling Pull focus close up you and me Nobody's"
  • Slow - Jamie Foxx
    "Oooh oooooh ooohohohhhooo (oh oh oh oh) Oooh oooooh ooohohohhhooo (oh oh oh oh) Theres so much that I wanna do, to you (you you you you) First you gotta step into this room (room room room) Look into"
  • Slow - My Bloody Valentine
    "Oh well, you know it's up to you Sugar think what we could do Can I have a question I'll make you smile, smile, smile, smile, smile Sugar sugar you're up to my lips Licking over everything I miss And I"

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