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  • All That I Am - Elvis Presley
    "All that I am or ever hope to be Lies in your hands You are my destiny When you are in my arms, I rule the world And when we're far apart, how cruel the world All that I want is to be near to you To spend"
  • Never Say Yes - Elvis Presley
    "Look out now I'm runnin' wild There ain't no holding back this child I guess you'd say I'm a son of a gun Livin' just for a life of fun Here's the secret of my success Never say yes, no, no, never say"
  • Am I Ready - Elvis Presley
    "Am I ready? Can my heart be true? Am I ready to fall in love with you? One love, one girl, one dream shared by two Am I ready to fall in love with you? I have touched your lips and now I know I would"
  • Spinout - Elvis Presley
    "When her motor's warm and she's purrin' sweet Buddy let me warn ya', you're on a one-way street She'll crowd ya' close, spin your wheels Then you're gonna know how it feels To spinout, yeah, spinout Better"
  • Smorgasbord - Elvis Presley
    "Some like their women short Some like 'em tall I'll take them any size 'Cause I love them all I'm just wild about smorgasbord I got a cravin' for smorgasbord A little kiss here, a little kiss there That's"
  • Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear To Tread) - Elvis Presley
    "Fools rush in, where angels fear to tread And so I come to you my love My heart above my head Though I see the danger there If there's a chance for me Then I don't care, oh-oh-oh-oh Fools rush in, where"
  • If I'm A Fool (For Loving You) - Elvis Presley
    "If I'm a fool for loving you, Then that's just what I want to be. They're saying I am just your clown, And any fool could see, That you're just having fun, And you're not in love with me, The things they're"
  • I'll Be There - Elvis Presley
    "I'll be there when all your dreams are broken To answer your unspoken prayer, oh.. When the little things you're doin', ooh, don't turn out right Don't you worry darlin' I'll be there There whenever"
  • Almost - Elvis Presley
    "We almost shared a dream We almost made it as a team How nice it would have been. We almost touched the stars And there stood heaven, almost ours We were just outsiders looking in. We had the chance"
  • Have A Happy - Elvis Presley
    "Now once it was told to me We're born with a magic key It opens the door to miracles of spring It takes you to wishing wells To ice cream and carousels And yet this magic key won't unlock a thing Unless"

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