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prwy do lewego

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prwy do lewego
  • Dr. Alban What do i do
    "What do I do about love What do I do when I'm thinking of you What do I do about love, What do I do when I'm thinking of your love... Hold tight hold tight its a beautiful thing Hold tight love is a beautiful"
  • Baccara I do,i do
    "Come on, come on, come on, like lovers do, Like the red and blue, and the Indians too I do, I do, I do I want it too So take a chance with me and you. Come on, come on, come on, I'll dance with you,"
  • Keaton Simons What Do You Do?
    "What Do You Do? I wear these old shoes Full of holes Cause they remind me of the million miles that I have walked beside you Good and bad times, we have been through You know that car you drive keeps"
  • Cascada How do you do
    "I see you comb your hair and gimme that grin. It's making me spin now, spinnin' within. Before I melt like snow, I say Hello - How do you do! I love the way you undress now. Baby begin. Do your caress,"
  • R. Kelly What Do I Do
    "Heard you speak one time in an interview Was the sweetest lil' thing I ever heard (Sweetest lil' thing I heard) My eyes going down on you like a parachute I wanna creep wit' you and thats my word (Creep"
  • BeFour How Do You Do
    "Chorus: How do you do You like me and I like you Come and take me by the hand Cause I wanna be your friend How do you do You like me and I like you Say how do you do you do How do you do you do When I'm"
  • Great White What Do You Do
    "(Lardie, Kendall, Russell, Niven, Thompson) I can't get close enough to you babe I need to squeeze it up so tight I can't get close enough to you babe I need your lovin' every night Maybe your love, maybe"
  • HOLAK Do zobaczenia, do jutra
    "HOLAK 16 stycznia 2018 r. zaprezentował teledysk do premierowego singla ,,Do zobaczenia, do jutra”. Piosenka traktuje o zamknięciu pewnego etapu życia, jakim było wydanie solowej płyty. Jednocześnie jest"
  • Tina Turner Do What You Do
    "When you say the things you say you gotta mean it and when you do the things you do, it's gotta come from the heart Something's gone, I can't explain. The heat is missing from the flame can't deny it,"
  • Tyler James Why Do I Do
    "No no Yeah Yeah Every time I rise and fall When I thought id seen it all But my backs still up against the wall First you was good to go Then you turned around and said no no And as I'm walking out the"

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