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  • Search For Your Love - Sailor Moon (three lights)
    "Search for Your Love... Search for Your Love... Kimi wa itsumo kagayaiteta Egao hitotsu chiisa na hoshi Taisetsu ni shiteta yo (eien no Starlight) Ano hi boku wa mamorenakute Kuyashi namida koraeta dake Itami"
  • In Search Of You - Harloff Kevin P
    "All my life I have thought of A time and a place That I found you there waiting Like a star out in space Do I look and go find you Should I just relate on fate Climb the world and the skies too Or just"
  • In Search Of Love - Barry Manilow
    "There is somebody In this world somebody She was but on earth for me Where can her love be? See, I'm no exception I need real affection What's life worth living for If no to give it all So...I'm reaching"
  • The Search Goes On - Lunatica
    "Two years ago, Atlantis was developed This is history Then my search continuous The search of a book A book called "Fables and Dreams" This book was born in Heaven A long time ago In protecting all of"
  • Search For The Hero - M People
    "Sometimes the river flows but nothing breathes. A train arrives but never leaves. It's a shame. Oh life - like love that walks out of the door, of being rich or being poor. Such a shame. But it's then,"
  • Eternal Search Of Balance - Blind Zero
    "So many times I've been on the edge Already have been there before How many seasons shaded off the brightness Of what I should've remembered most The difference exists in fiction Who knows where and when Between"
  • Call Off The Search - Katie Melua
    "I won't spend my life Waiting for an angel to descend Searching for a rainbow with an end Now that I've found you I'll call off the search And I won't spend my life Gazing at the stars up in the sky"
  • In Search of Kaledon - Kaledon
    "We are in search of Kaledon We are the Knights chosen by fate We are the warriors who fight for life They meeting danger during the way Knights of the king with their magical swords They fight the death"
  • The search is over - Air Supply
    "How can I convince youWhat you see is realWho am I to blame youFor doubting what you feelI was always reachingYou were just a girl I knewI took for grantedThe friend I have in youI was living for a dreamLoving"
  • The search is over - Survivor
    "How can I convince you what you see is realWho am I to blame you for doubting what you feelI was always reachin', you were just a girl I knewI took for granted the friend I have in you I was living for"

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