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solage locked in closer

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solage locked in closer
  • Crowded House Locked Out
    "(neil finn) I been locked out I been locked in But I always seem to come back again When you're in that room What do you do I know that I will have you in the end And the clouds they are crying on you And"
  • Jerry Cantrell Locked On
    "Everything you heard I did and maybe then some ok Does it make you happy and now is it out of the way? Everything you heard I done and probably then some ok Does it really matter of course I took it all"
  • MC Lyte Closer
    "verse 1 (MC Lyte) In the three on the deegan, we be freakin' Bobbin' and weavin' my peeps sleepin' Steady creepin' dippin' in the jeepin' Dones be peepin', benjis we be keepin' Cheddar we be spending,"
  • Matt Pond PA Closer
    "It was the rocks you liked So much you'd throw them Down into the river's darkness Down from where the trains go flying Your legs hung out Into the air - we'll keep on kicking We're moving but it's never"
  • Slum Village Closer
    "Slum Village Closer, Feat Dwele Detroit Deli: A Taste of Detroit (Dwele, Intro) There's something I wanted to know, can we get closer? Yeah baby Seems like I've waited to know, can we get closer? (Elzhi)"
  • Eowyn Locked Away
    "Verse 1: Look past all I've been before I'm longing, pleading for so much more. Do you see me on this cliff afraid? Waiting, praying, come and take away the pain? Chorus: Locked away in these chains"
  • Steel Prophet Locked Out
    "Somehow I got locked on the outside I'm trying to get back in Can someone help me unlock the door And welcome me back inside Holding out for the answer Seems like an eternity Mysteries of the darkness Concealed"
  • Graham Coxon Locked doors
    "Locked doors, rose redLocked doors, half deadI see your face so clean in my spaceAnd I want to believe that I hold the key to meLocked doors, releaseLocked doors, my peaceLet me retrieve, help me never"
  • Joshua Radin Closer
    "So, we're alone again I wish it were over we seem to never end only get closer to the point where I can take no more the clouds in your eyes down your face they pour won't you be the new one burn"
  • Reef Locked Inside
    "We talked about tripping on the way home back in my car The things we've been missing The things that have happened so far Time passes by We talked about tripping on the way home back in my car I"

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