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the girl who wept stones

  • Rolling Stones (ft. Frank McComb) - Ania Szarmach
    "Who are you Crossing my own pathway? When I fall asleep Drifting of on my deep believes Quietly Suddenly Someone itches frozen Surprisingly I would know we’re looking for the same place Reality I‘ve"
  • Girl Who Danced Oklahoma - Terry Allen
    "Yeah She tried to live On the inside An get a housen make a home An She tried to give And be satisfied Livin closeo the bone But As time It passed by It alllosed in And she craved For the wild On the outsidesgain Yeah"
  • Wild Horses (Rolling Stones Cover) - Jewel
    "Childhood living, is easy to do The things you wanted, I bought them for you Graceless lady, you know who I am You know I can't let you, slide through my hands Wild horses, couldn't drag me away Wild"
  • Wild Horses (Rolling Stones Cover) - Charlotte Martin
    "Childhood living Is easy to do The things that you wanted Well I bought them for you Graceless lady You know who I am You know I can't let you Just slide through my hands And wild horses couldn't drag"
  • Sticks & Stones - Arlissa
    "Shot down by your bullets They shatter my faith and my bones If you would listen Your words they hurt, they creep right under my skin They cut so deep, Can't you understand I don't want battles, battles,"
  • Steppin' Stones - Lorrie Morgan
    "STEPPIN' STONES (featuring Vince Gill and Travis Tritt) On the rocky road to love, the going has been rough I fall down but some how I always got back up I've climbed every mountain, crossed every valley"
  • Guardian Stones - Fairyland
    "Seven gems of light, a gift from gods to save our lands united we'll fight facing hate and lies we scream for revenge Guided by their light our power glows together we stand gods are on our side united"
  • Hot Stones - Tanita Tikaram
    "Beat up English In a beat up town And I'm beat up black and blue Oh, I do not have the energy And I'm beat up street And I'm beat up tight And we've been so drawn together, each other I do not have the"
  • Skimming Stones - Autamata
    "We would hold a stone aligned with the horizon And then release It would skim and ride until it dipped beneath the water-line We made helicopters from sycamore fruits Those machines were simple On their"
  • Sticks & Stones - Babyshambles
    "Now here's a tale Tale I will tell Blood lust after no sweet love And a many, many things I do so well Oh you know that's the end That's the end so far away down They said that I was as good as dead And"

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