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undegraund fly

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undegraund fly
  • Feeder Fly
    "You are my thrill You are my pill When I close my eyes I begin to glide Twist like an eel Wrapped around your heel But you can't see it You've got to believe it You've got to Help, help me see You're"
  • 4 Backwoods Fly
    "Yeah this is a new sound from a band of the underground You should better listen and turn it loud Great stuff for the freaks and the pretty chicks Come on come on show show me your tippi titts Four guys"
  • The Jam Fly
    "The way that sunlight flits across your skirt, makes me feel I'm from another world, To touch your face in the morning light. I hope you're always gonna be around. The times I struggle to understand why, The"
  • Not without grace Fly
    "Never thought it would be this way Must be something to do with you Now I'm stranded inside this house With walls of glass you see right through And I don't dare to open my eyes Everytime I do I fall Sometimes"
  • Church Fly
    "Baby smiled like a tiny childShe talks her head off, and the land lies wildTossed and turned on a teardrop seaAnd all those dark clowns who are following meAnd they flyShe pointed up into the skyAnd you"
  • Def Value Fly
    "When I met you I was flying when I can't reach you then I'm dying I know baby it's oh so crazy one thing I'm sure of is that I love you When I met you I was flying when I can't reach you, then I'm dying I"
  • Jealkb Fly
    "? ? == Romaji == namida wo koete narenai basho e chigireta kumo wa nagare te iku kitai to fuan shizuka na kousaten mayoi no mori wa tsuzuite iku utsurona hitomi neru"
  • Unleashed Fly Raven Fly
    "Fly Raven, fly Across the sky Allfather Odin! Embrace my soul And give me with wisdom, wisdom of old ...Wisdom of old Fly Raven, fly Fly Raven, fly Across the sky Allfather Odin! Behold my faith Oh"
  • Scorpions Fly People Fly
    "(Rudolf Schenker, Klaus Meine) And I see the tears in your eyes The rain will fall tonight And tonight we'll go to the sky Because and we fly All together Fly to the sky Fly to the rainbow Fly people"
  • Gotthard Fly Eagle Fly
    "He was searching for the light In the silence of the night Something real, to make him feel alive Trying hard to find the way But run out of cards to play No looking back, he crossed the point of no return All"

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