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  • Buck em - Snoop Dogg
    "Damn this shit sound low then motherfucker in my earphones. Alright, yeah that's it right there nigga. As soon as the bass hits your dome Snoop Dogg grabs the chrome And gets in your system Shootin off"
  • Smoke Em - Hardcore Superstar
    "She is fine in November and I sowed her in September Looked at her tip, saw that she was ready then Well I wanted to believe she was Easy beby! Won't you tell me you wanted I never wanted cuz I never ever"
  • Milk 'Em - Ghostface Killah
    "(featuring Myone & Trife Da God) Yo, with this game come alotta hate, but there's alotta snakes Niggaz see the size of my dish, and wanna pick a plate Thinkin' I'ma fold under pressure, y'all wanna"
  • Hit em - Lil Keke
    "7-1-3's finest, CMGGhetto Dreams, Presidential You hit em high, I'ma hit em low (hit em low)You hit em high, I'ma hit em low (hit em low)You hit em high, I'ma hit em low (hit em)(and if you hit em in the"
  • Hit Em - Lil' Keke
    "(*talking*) 7-1-3's finest, CMG Ghetto Dreams, Presidential (Hook: Lil' Keke & (H.A.W.K.)) You hit em high, I'ma hit em low (hit em low) You hit em high, I'ma hit em low (hit em low) You hit em high,"
  • Em flor - Simon
    "No so sinceras as razes De quem insiste em no lembrar do sentimento em flor, o despertar do amor no se apaga mais dos coraes Amor nenhum tem tal poder de provocar recordaes Bastou se ver mais uma vez para"
  • Show Em' - Devin The Dude
    "(Devin Talking (talking low)) (Devin) I know I shouldn't do this, but i can't help it I'm a fiend, lotion and magazines is what I'm left with I step without my pride to the toilet and lace my palm With"
  • Magic Moon (Da Da Da Da Da!) - Peter Frampton
    "Magic Moon (Da Da Da Da Da!) Do you read your horoscope Ooh, does it help you cope? Are you into that? Do you chew the fat? Laugh and pinch the salt Don't it's all your fault Magic moon Change this tide"
  • Get 'em - Redman
    "(feat. Icadon, Saukrates) Gilla House niggas Check it out ('Cause I like it!) Yo! I'm Ghetto Fab, hungry Beastie Boy with "Brass Monkey" Humphey Bogartin' the whole country Chunky women love Doc "Projects""
  • Get 'Em - Ace Hood
    "Ace Hood (Ay, Get Em Up) Gutta (Ay, Get Em Up) (Ay, Get Em Up) Chea (Ay, Get Em Up) Gutta, Gutta, Hey I got my drop top rollin' and I'm headin to the mother land Rippin' on that steering wheel, passenger's"

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