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  • Intro - Ginuwine
    "back 2 the basics yeah(repeating Fading in to the track) (Ginuwine) no one can ever take my place, im coming back to make this claim, i talk it cos i tote big things, and never will i fall off i work"
  • Intro - Big Tymers
    "(Mannie Fresh) Have you ever met a balla in whole damn life Wit plenty money, plenty bitches, and a whole lot of ice I'm that nigga man, tha one they talkin about I'm that nigga man, wit tha big ass house Move"
  • Intro - Joe Budden
    "I'm comin, I'm comin, I'm comin Okay... the time has finally come beautiful people Jeah... I've been singin this tune for entirely too long now For like, eight or nine years, somethin like that But"
  • Intro - Shyne
    "It goes love, hate, pleasure and pain Fo' albums in the can and I'm STILL in the game (what up?) And last album, they don't like me to tell this Debuted at #1 and sold more records than Elvis (shut up!) That's"
  • Intro - Obie Trice
    "It's another fuckin' party same shit. Turn this goddamn TV off! Why? Everyday I come home your either sittin' on your ass watchin' my TV! I'm runnin' the goddamn streets somewhere! What are you gonna"
  • Intro - The Fall
    "(fragment of "Up here" or "Appear") We are Northern white crap that talks back We are The Fall we were spinning we were stepping Cop out, cop out as in from heaven The difference between you and us is"
  • Intro - Christina Milian
    "Ladies and gentlemen Id like to introduce to you. . . Christina! Its about time Yeah Its about time Yeah Cmon Its about time you get to know me Everything in my life has been about timing My business"
  • Intro - Janet Jackson
    "Why? For what reason? It actually looks pretty cool, and it goes with the music. 5,6,7 ga ga ga ga ga ga guh ga ga guh. Uh, I know, that's not it. Well, that's not so bad. I guess. No. You just gotta"
  • Intro - Ali
    "Yo, my name is Taquell A.K.A Baby Poppa Told ya I know ali Yall thought I was playin I told yall I know the Lunatics Leezy, Nelly, Spud, Murph AND Kyjuan man I know all of em since '99 Before Country Grammar"
  • Intro - De La Soul
    "(When I) (First heard) (Criminal) (Minded) (I was in...) (Damn, where was I?) (...seventh grade) (Battlin' this other emcee) (Smokin' a blunt and drinkin' a 40 down lower East Side with my niggas) (I have"

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